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How to Win an Argument Against Your Parents

How to Win an Argument Against Your Parents

Ok kids. You need to stop depending on the whining and the nagging that too quickly moves on to crying and pleading then onto sulking and the silent treatment to get what you want from your parents. There is more ways to win an argument against your parents. 

If you want something, make your case and present it. But, be sure to know when, how and where to do that. There is a little bit of research and thought that you need to put into arguing your case, and we are prepared to give you a quick How To Win an Argument Against Your Parents guide more for their sake than yours – after all we want to make their life easier!

We asked a lawyer on the best way to argue for something, and mixed with some Mumzworld advice, we think we have you covered!

1| Be realistic

Decide if what you are arguing for is realistic or not, going to a birthday party even though you are grounded is arguable, but trying to get them to buy you a Komodo Dragon as a pet, is not.

2| Pick your moment

if your mum is in the middle of cooking something and helping your sister with her homework and trying not to step on your crawling baby brother all at the same time, now is not the time to ask. Choose what we like to call a “Blue Sky” moment. When there are blue skies, it is a calm moment when your parents are not hassled, exhausted, in the middle of something or distracted. That’s the moment to pounce.

3| Open the conversation

with why you want to talk to them, tell them to hear you out before saying anything and tell them that whatever happens, you appreciate them giving you the time to hear you out.

4| Show and talk

Show them and let them know you have thought this through – having a card with the pros and cons written on it will endear you to them no end.

5| Pros and cons

Always have more pros than cons – a pro is not “just because all my friends are going.” That’s a pro for you, not them.

6| Anticipation is key

try to think of any protest they might bring up and have a defense ready.

7| Offer them something in return

Have a bargaining chip handy, think of something they have been wanting you to do and offer that as a gesture.

8| Flatter them

Tell them that they were right about something or other that they argued about with you before. For example, “Yes mum you are right I don’t think things through properly,” or quote something relevant that they always say to you – “You always tell me to be honest with you about things.”

9| Apologies

If any apology is needed, then do it.

10| Close strong 

Close your argument with  your strongest pro argument and a thank you for listening.

Good luck to you!

This one is for the parents: 

If your child come to you prepared, do not turn them down. Here is what we suggest you do:

– Give them time and listen wholeheartedly

– Understand them and what they’re asking completely

– Explain to them your decision, regardless if it’s a yes or a no

– Let them take responsibility for what they’re asking and explain that thoroughly

– Set ground rules to follow and keep everything within the right boundaries.