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Learn Social Skills Through Picture Stories & Books

Learn Social Skills Through Picture Stories & Books

Picture books provide a wonderful opportunity for learning and exploring concepts, especially to help children learn about social skills and build on their character strengths. By using picture books in this way, it takes the direct pressure off your child and helps them to see things from other perspectives.

Here are my top books picks to help children explore emotions, social skills and friendships:

Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose

A fun story for younger children as they meet lots of different animals with very different manners! See which animals have good manners and who doesn’t in this story that will make you chuckle with the beautiful illustrations and fun rhyming.

The Lion Who Wanted to Love

Explore the plains of Africa as this young lion realizes he isn’t like the rest of the lions – he is different, he wants to be friends with the other animals instead. See how he learns that being different is fabulous and can bring happiness to lots of others.

Aesop’s Fables The Fox And The Crow

This encounter between a fox and a crow teaches children that actions are more important than words, regardless how flattering they are. The cheese can even represents good morals and values and how they should never be dropped no matter what.

Value Based Stories – Respect 

The series “Value Based Stories” introduces respect as the main theme of this story. The same series have more stories on being humble, courage, and much more valuable lessons.

Moral Stories : Never On Time 

Another book series that takes good morals as their themes is this one. This story teaches the value of time and how being always late is not good. There are also stories on kindness, honesty, and being good.

Level 1 – The Three Billy Goats 

Greed is one of the worst characteristics a person might face. This book teaches how greed causes bad things.

 Sassi Junior – Little Red Riding Hood Die-Cut Reading

Little Red Riding Hood is a classic and timeless story. Not only is it exciting, but it also teaches our children not to trust strangers and to always do what they are supposed to without straying from the right path.