The best on-the-go snacks for hungry kids when you’re a busy mum.

The best on-the-go snacks for hungry kids when you’re a busy mum.

Life is busy, especially when you are a mum. In between all of the daily tasks and jobs that you need to do, you often also get lumped with the ‘mummmm I am hungry’ line. It’s easy to overcome these hungry pleas from your little ones with a little bit of pre-thought.

I always carry a selection of the below with me, cause you never know when hunger will strike (and we all know that hungry kids are often cranky kids)…

Fresh dates – the kids think they’re a sweet treat and they give them that little boost to keep on going during a busy day. Living in the Middle East you have a selection of the best dates in the world, find a variety that you and your kids love.

– Simply: Dates – Date Bars Family Pack Of 5 – a delicious and natural date bar with berry and caramel flavours.

Simply :Dates - Date Bars Family Pack Of 5 - Berries

– Health Lab – Kids Choc Probiotic Bites 20g Box Of 5 – the perfect way to add extra probiotics into your child’s diet, made of 100% natural ingredients and easy to chuck in your bag before you head out. Plus, they taste delicious and like a chocolatey treat – however, word of warning, you might eat them before you even pick up the kids (because they are that yummy). 

Home Health Lab - Kids Choc Probiotic Bites 20g

– Seeds, dried fruit and nuts – we make our own variations of trail mix, add in the bits and pieces that you like the most, once that mix is finished you can make a new variation.

 Fade Fit Kids – a sugar-free, vegan and natural snack for your children, with a range of flavours, bound to give your little one that boosts energy and fills their belly as you tick off the job list or are out and about. 


– Organix – Rice Cakes 50g – these rice cakes are a perfect snack for children, with their miniature size, tasty flavour and perfect portioning, while they are perfect for your peace of mind, knowing that they are organic and filled with the best ingredients (with no added salt and nasties).

Organix - Raspberry & Blueberry Rice Cakes 50g

– Home-made cookies or muffins – replace the flour with an oat mixture and the sugar with banana or dates to make a tasty but healthy afternoon snack.

– Pop&Hop – Fox Nuts Salt & Caramel 40g – don’t let the name deceive you, these are popped lotus seeds so school and child-friendly (for those nut allergy aware families and schools), they contain all of the goodness of seeds with the crunchiness and texture of popcorn. And hey, who can say no to a salted caramel snack?

Pop&Hop - Fox Nuts Salt & Caramel 40g

– Materne – Go Go SqueeZ Fruit Snack Whole Apple 4x90gm – these are 100% fruit, nothing extra is added in so you know they are good for your child. They are leak-proof and sealed so they can be carried in your bag without worrying about a mess, they are refreshing on a hot day, and they are super tasty.

Materne - Go Go SqueeZ Fruit Snack Whole Apple 4x90gm
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