Pillow Talk Keeps You Connected

Pillow Talk Keeps You Connected

Who knew that such a teeny tiny thing can cause so much havoc in the lives of two adults? When a couple have a baby, their lives pretty much get turned upside down while they try to adjust to the responsibility, the emotions, the financials and the limitations to their freedom. And one thing that more often than not gets completely neglected, is the bond between them as a couple.

While it might be hard to get a date night in, have a peaceful romantic dinner at home, or sit on the couch without falling asleep almost instantly, there is a way to stay connected with your partner throughout the whirlwind of having a baby.

Pillow Talk.

Those precious few minutes before you both head into dream land, can be crucial in maintaining that special bond with your partner that can get ignored and potentially damaged after baby is born. According to new research, talking about good news with your partner before going to bed can be the secret to a strong and healthy marriage. The researchers concluded that partners who share good news, and believe their partners are receptive and supportive, sleep better. This is likely correlated to a decrease in loneliness and improved overall health.

Talking is the main channel of communication for a couple, and without it, the relationship can struggle. Couples talk about their feelings, experiences, wants and needs, which keeps them in the know about each other and importantly stops them feeling isolated and alone.

After you have children, finding the time and the environment to talk during the day can prove very difficult and almost impossible. Those precious few moments before you sleep might be the only time you get to keep that connection going and your relationship healthy and nurturing.

Sweet Dreams from Team Mumzworld.

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