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Disinfecting Habits We Shouldn’t Live Without Post Covid

Disinfecting Habits We Shouldn’t Live Without Post Covid

Finally, it is safe to say that the pandemic which lasted almost two years is over. We are out and about again, and life is gradually going back to normal. But we believe there is a new normal going on post pandemic. Even though the threat of covid is highly reduced. We, as mums, still feel the need to always protect our little ones. And the best way to do so is to keep some of the hygiene habits we adapted during covid. These are some of the disinfecting habits we think you should keep post-pandemic. 

Disinfecting Habits We Shouldn’t Live Without

1| Hand sanitizing 

While washing hands is the most basic hygiene habit that we should maintain. It became more acknowledged during the pandemic. We taught ourselves and our kids to always wash our hands anytime and anywhere. This is one of the most important disinfecting habits that keeps us and our families safe from all germs. To guarantee your kids perfectly wash their hands, you need two main things. One, good hand soap which kills all bacteria and germs. The Liquid Hand Wash from Dettol guarantees you that. As it kills 99.9% of germs and viruses including E. coli and flu virus. It keeps your little ones’ hands hydrated and hygienically clean. The second thing you need is to know how to properly wash hands and teach it to your kids. Which includes applying a good amount of hand soup. Rubbing hands with it for 10 to 15 seconds. And make sure you get areas between fingers, palm of your hands, and under your nails. Then rensing it off thoroughly under running water. 

In addition to hand washing, sanitizing our hands is a must. Especially if you are out. Whether you are out shopping, buying groceries, grabbing a coffee, or at the park. You must have a hand sanitizer on you at all times. This will prevent catching any viruses or germs. 

2| Disinfecting clothes 

As a mum, doing laundry becomes almost a daily chore that you cannot skip. But with the pandemic, we are taking more precautions to ensure our clothes are 100% sanitized and disinfected. We believe that adding a cap full of Dettol Antiseptic Liquid to your load is great to disinfect clothes 100%. Dettol liquid with your detergent and fabric softener is a great mix to have a fresh and clean load of laundry. 

However, some clothing items cannot be washed on a daily basis. Like jackets or shoes. Therefore, we recommend using a good disinfectant spray to kill any germs stuck to your clothes. This is also important for children’s clothes. Especially the ones they wear daily to school. Also, teach your children to take off their shoes before entering your home. This habit is very essential to prevent the spreading of germs all over your house. You can easily do this by leaving the disinfectant spray near your front door. This way neither you or your children will forget to disinfect shoes.

3| Sanitizing outdoor areas

Going out during covid meant to always have sanitizing wipes to clean anywhere we sit. Especially those public seating areas. This is one of the disinfecting habits that we should keep up even post covid. Because germs still spread, and we cannot know for sure if a public place is 100% sanitary for our kids. Here are some outdoor and public places you should sanitize before using: 

  • – Public seats and tables. 
  • – Elevator buttons. 
  • – Door handles. 
  • – Shopping carts. 
  • – Public restrooms.
  • – ATM machines. 
  • – Public transportation seats and handles. 
  • – Condiment bottles. 
  • – Gym equipment.

4| Wearing gloves and face masks

Wearing gloves is very important and helpful in keeping your hands clean and germ free. Especially when you are grocery shopping, because you can never be sure the items you are picking up are sanitized. But remember, that does not mean you should skip washing your hands and sanitizing them. 

Also, we recommend wearing face masks at crowded places, especially hospitals. This will prevent you from catching any germs or spreading them. Hospitals are filled with sick people, so wearing a face mask will protect you, your kids, and family.

5| Disinfecting groceries 

Another disinfecting habit that we believe you should not give up is sanitizing and disinfecting your groceries. As we mentioned earlier, you can never be sure that the items and products you are getting are sanitized and germ free. So, whether you are grabbing groceries or you order them online, you must disinfect them. 

Relax, this does not mean extra hard work. You do not need to use a million things and waste your time or effort. All you need to do is use anti-bacterial multi-use wipes. Or a cotton cloth with a multipurpose disinfectant household cleaner. Do not forget to thoroughly wash your hands after finishing this quick task. 

6| Cleaning neglected germ hotspots 

There are many neglected places inside houses that gather a lot of germs and bacteria. Therefore, you need to disinfect them in order to prevent the spreading of those germs. Whether it is a remote control, light switch, door handles, or ceiling fans. You must clean and disinfect those places all around your home. 

Doing so is also a piece of cake. You can use multipurpose cleaners or multi surface wipes to get the job done in zero time. Also, you can assign this chore to your children which will teach them a lot about responsibility and the importance of disinfecting daily used items.

7| Isolating anyone who is sick

During covid, if anyone got sick they immediately got isolated to prevent spreading an infection. We believe that this is something to keep up even post covid. This hygiene habit protects both the sick person and everyone else. If you have a sick child, their immune system is a little compromised. Exposing them to the world can make their recovery slower. Moreover, they could easily spread germs or viruses to others. Therefore, isolate anyone who is sick at your home. Make sure to disinfect everything they use such as utensils and cups. Use disinfectant sprays regularly. And do not feel guilty if you make them skip school for a day or two. This is for the benefit of your kids and their peers. 

8| Daily disinfecting all surfaces and floors

Do not disinfect surfaces around your home slightly. It is very important as many surfaces around your house can collect many germs and bacteria. Such surfaces include: 

  1. Kitchen countertops and stoves.
  2. Bathroom sinks and toilets. 
  3. Desks, dining tables, and end tables. 

All of these, plus more, need to be disinfected regularly. If you are in a hurry, you can use multi surface wipes. But if you want them to be perfectly clean and sanitized, use the designated cleaners. Like Dettol’s Kitchen Power Cleaner, which you can use for countertops, cupboards, kitchen sink, and fridge. Also, use Surface Antiseptic Liquid Trigger to clean any and all surfaces around your home. A plus side, this Dettol surface cleaner also brightens surfaces and leaves them with a long-lasting fresh fragrance.

9| Travel sanitizing 

Last, but surely not least, the disinfecting habits we caught on for traveling during covid are important. They ensure you and your family are safe, and they will help you to relax without worrying about germs or viruses. Here are some of the most important disinfecting habits you should do when traveling:

  1. Sanitize your luggage and suitcases with a disinfectant spray. 
  2. Disinfect hotel rooms’ surfaces, bedsheets, and door handles. 
  3. Wipe down seats and handles on planes, buses, and taxis. 
  4. Wear a face mask in crowded places, like when boarding a plane. 
  5. Keep antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizers at the reach of your hand.