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Mumz Guide for Choosing a Baby Monitor

Mumz Guide for Choosing a Baby Monitor

Whether it is audible or video, a baby monitor is one of the essentials that every mum needs. Baby monitors help reduce stressing about how your baby is doing when being in a separate room. They also reassure you with the click of a button making your life easier.

Here are more reasons why baby monitors are important: 

1-Constant and live surveillance audibly and visually 

2-Checking up without disrupting the little sleeper

3-Detecting health issues (asthma, fever, allergies)

4-Helps sleep training and tracking 

4-Monitor shared bedrooms with siblings sleeping together 

5-Remote monitoring, even you are not at home 

6-Capturing special moments, like first words and first steps 

7-Easily portable, especially when sleeping over at a relative’s house 

8-Having the constant monitor will help you relax and sleep

How to choose the best baby monitor?  

-Set a budget

Some monitors are more expensive than others. That is based on the type, range, number of receivers, and special features. Look up what you need to help set your budget. 

-Get to know the types

Baby monitors’ types vary. You have audible, visual, wireless, and motion detectors. See which type will make you more comfortable. Avoid the type that might make you a little paranoid. 

-Look for the special features

Some monitors have special features such as movability, rechargeable batteries, nightvision, interference filters, or sound activation. Again, check which features are going to make your life easier, and avoid those that’ll just make it harder. 

Also, check the monitor’s range, and if it will work well with your home network. 

Our top baby monitors

Motorola Video Baby Monitor

Motorola’s video monitor introduces a 2.8-inch diagonal color screen with digital zoom and room temperature display to have an on your baby at all times. It covers a range up to 1000ft and has an out-of-range alert and features night vision, a high sensitivity microphone, and 5 lullabies.

Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor 

DECT technology is the best when it comes to audible monitors. Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor ensures audio clarity, securing date, zero interference and an encrypted signal for total protection. It features temperature sensors, voice activation, and a remotely controlled nightlight. 

Vtech – Wifi HD Pan & Tilt Camera with Remote Access

Vtech’s Wivi Camera is great for working mums. All you have to do is install the camera and download the app to get the controlled Pan and Tilt. along with night vision, remote zoom and motion alerts, it records video to the SD card in the camera or your smartphone memory using the free VTech app. 

Summer Infant Wide View Digital Color Video Monitor

A wide view monitor, with its own touch screen that displays a colored wide view of the room along with its temperature. It also offers a two way talkback. Night vision and night light are main features to give you a piece of mind when you are not with your baby.

D-Link – Eye-On Baby Monitor WiFi Camera

The Eye-On Baby Monitor can be connected to wifi and have the live feed transferred directly to your phone. Download the MyDlink app and have a full access to all the functions: night vision, lullabies, and recorded snapshots. It will also send you direct notifications for room temp and motion and sound detections. This camera is easily installed wherever you want to keep an eye on your little one.

Lollipop – Baby Monitor – Cotton Candy

Not only that it has an adorable name, color and shape. But it is one of the most functional and easy monitors to watch over you baby. It is easily attached to your baby’s crib to have a fill view 24/7. It offers a high-quality live feed, motion detection, and cry detection. What makes the Lollipop a great monitor is that it saves history data to learn about your baby’s habits, help with sleep tracking, and review previous recordings if needed. 

Angelcare – Baby Movement Monitor With Video

Look after your little angel with the Angelcare monitor which provides a movement sensor pad and alarms for motion detection. It also includes a second pad which makes monitoring 2 or 3 babies a piece of cake. Keep up with your babies’ sleeping habits and routine with its monthly reports and reviews.