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Mumz Guide to Choosing the Best Breast Pump

Mumz Guide to Choosing the Best Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is the first and most nutritious way to help your baby’s growth. Choosing a breast pump got a little harder especially with the huge variety available nowadays. But no worries, here’s your guide to choose the best breast pump 

Why would you need a breast pump? 

Using breast pumps has a huge advantage at providing breast milk at all times for your little one. Whether you are a working mum or a stay-at-home mum who needs to go on long outings, breast pumps are useful to provide and store milk at all times. 

So keep in mind that breast pumps help you in:

-Providing milk for your baby at all times. 

-Flexibility for you as anyone can bottle-feed your baby

-Helps working mums to provide milk for newborns even when they are away

-Increase and maintain your milk supply

-Relieving breast engorgement when your milk comes in

In other words, breast pumps make breastfeeding easier and more convenient. 

But before buying your breast pump, ask yourself these question: 

-How often do you plan to use it? 

-Do you need one that can be transported easily? 

-Are you going to store the milk or use it directly? 

-How much time do you have to pump? 

-Where will you be using it? 

Your options will definitely be different depending on whether you are going to pump a few times a day or just once. Some mums need to pump and move from one place to another. If you are moving or storing milk, you need the right pump that will help you do so. If you are a working mum, you don’t have much time so you will be needing a quick and efficient pump. 

All of these factors are important when choosing a breast pump.

Here are some top picks for the best breast pumps ever: 

Haakaa – Silicone Breast Pump 

The new and updated breast pump from Haakaa has lots of features to make your life easier. It includes two larger capacities, and a new suction base that sticks to flat surfaces to prevent accidental spills. This compact pump is perfect for long distance trips, planes, or car rides. It is also discreet and silent to make it all easier! It is very convenient as it fits in any handbag, easy to clean, and needs no cords or assembly.

Nuby – Electric Breast Pump Set

This electric breast pump comes with an easy digital display to choose one of 4 programs and frequencies of pumping to your convenience. It also includes a charger for the lithium battery which makes using it super easy and long lasting. Nuby ensured this to be a pain free pumping!

Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

Medela understands the need of constantly moving around for you as a mum, therefore it introduced a USB-chargeable breast pump. This means that it can be used and charged anywhere and anytime. The double pumps help produce more milk in less time for you to get back to your daily tasks.

The First Years – Easy & Comfortable Nursing Set

Get the whole breastfeeding set which includes: electric breast pump, nursing wrap, feeding bottle set, milk container, and a bottle cleaning brush. The electric breast pump has 8 suction levels to ensure your comfort. As for the bottles, they are designed in two motions – suction and compression. These two motions allow your baby to instinctively control the milk flow just like breastfeeding. It’ll be your personal favorite!

Philips Avent Breast Pump Electrical Twin Natural Range 

When you are comfortable and relaxed, your milk flows more easily. That is why we created our most comfortable breast pump yet–sit comfortably with no need to lean forward and let the soft massage cushion gently stimulate your milk flow.

Mamajoo Digital Double Breast Pump

This LED displayed pump is a top pick for mums as it saves memory of your last use. In other words, it’ll keep using the mode and level you choose until you change it yourself later. It has a total of 20 level choices: 4 for single pump, 6 for double, 4 massage levels, and 6 suction modes. Those modes can be altered by pressing +/- buttons. Whether you are at home, office or travelling, it allows you to express your milk directly into a container which converts into a baby feeding bottle easily. 

Pigeon Breast Pump Manual

Pigeon offers one of the best manually operating,lightweight and quiet pumps. It is portable and easy to use, and allows you to express milk wherever you are. The assembly is super easy as it has fewer parts, which makes it faster too.

Keep in mind that you can get additional accessories for those breast pumps at your own convenience such as:

Haakaa – Silicone Pump Cap 

You can buy the Haakaa pump cap separately. It secures the top of your breast pump and comes in leak-proof design to prevent accidental spills. Cleaning it is super easy and safe in dishwashers or boiling water.

Medela – Breast Milk Storage Bags 

These ready-to-use breast milk storage bags are great for transporting warm breast milk. The double-layered material, built-in double zipper, and self-standing design makes them perfect for daily use or fridge storing.

Medela - Breast Milk Storage Bags - 50 Count

Munchkin – Latch Sterilize Bags 

Moving breast milk gets easier with this bag. Its thermal resistance and double-compartment design helps you in keeping the milk fresh and safe at all times.

Blooming Blossom – Hands free Pumping & Nursing Bra – Black

This seamless and adjustable nursing bra makes pumping milk easy at all times and all places.

How to care about yourself while breastfeeding? 

Caring about yourself and your body is essential. Whether you are breastfeeding or breast pumping, use nipple creams to feel smoother and more comfortable. You can also use breast pads to provide dryness during both the day and the night. Gel cushions are also great for cooling to relieve discomfort.

Breastfeeding is important for both you and your baby. There are a lot of preparations to get started with this joyful experience. But also do keep in mind that sometimes it can be hard to breastfeed for reasons out of your control. Either way, a special bond will be created between you and your baby and will keep getting stronger than ever.