5 Simple Exercises to Get Back In shape After Delivery – From Audrey Fourcade

5 Simple Exercises to Get Back In shape After Delivery – From Audrey Fourcade

Even though I am not a mum, I am around many and I hear the same thing almost all the time: being a mum is a tsunami of happiness but I don’t have time for anything and especially any time for myself! All the focus is on my baby (and sometimes on my husband as well!!!!), I’ve forgotten myself and I would love to reconnect to my body, my mind.

I think as a fitness coach it’s important for my mum clients to understand that, wanting to take care and reinvest in yourself is already a big part of the job, but this needs to be followed through with actions.

The question is when do you start?

Do you start when you no longer recognize yourself in the mirror? Or when you think theres no hope as you’ve gained too many kgs?

It’s important to avoid crying when you see a beautiful picture of yourself from years ago, and to avoid the throwing all your clothes only to buy the same items in bigger sizes.

Let’s just bring a bit of focus on you, YOU, this beautiful woman who delivered a baby, who is now a mother but a woman first and foremost.

Start simple and and keep it easy so you can commit and be consistent. If there’s anything we can all agree on, is that consistency is key. And never truer than with exercise.

I’m not suggesting you leave your baby for 2 hours and go to the gym or even leave the house! I’m just asking you to take 15 minutes per day (seriously only 15 mins!!) and do a series of exercises that you can even do with your baby. Lose weight, and bond with your baby, sounds pretty good to me! Make sure to always consult with your doctor before starting exercise!

Let’s start nice and easy with these simple exercises:

PUSH UPS : put your baby on the floor on his back .

You are on on your knees, your hands on either side of your baby. Keep your upper body parallel to your baby and bend your arms and give baby a kiss, and then back up. Make sure to inhale when you go down, exhale when you go up. Try 5-10 reps in 4 sets with 20-30 seconds of rest between each set.

WALKING PLANK : With this exercise, we are going to focus on strengthening your core stability. With baby on her back, go back to the same push-up position and stay on your knees, or if you feel comfortable enough on your toes. Now bend your right elbow, then your left shifting your weight to your forearms with your body forming a straight plank position. Then push up from the ground one arm at a time. Your focus is to keep your hips facing the floor. Try 5 reps in 4 sets with 20-30 seconds of rest between each set and keep baby engaged by locking eyes or try a funny face with each set to keep baby cooing and happy.

RUSSIAN TWIST: Start by sitting on the floor, your legs should be bent at the knees and your upper body straight – imagine a creating a V-shape with your thighs. Now hold your baby facing you shift baby from side to side while maintaining a tight core. This is great for your core and obliques. Try 4 sets of 10 reps.

Hip lifts: Lie on the floor with your legs bent and heels close to hips. Let baby sit on your hips, and push your hips up, squeezing your glutes each time you go up. Try 10 reps in 4 set. Make sure to take 20-30 seconds of rest between each set.

Squats : While baby is sitting in his stroller, stand facing baby with your feet bit wider than your hips with your toes aligned with your knees. Imagine that you have a chair behind you and that you’re going to sit and stand while pushing your glutes out all the way back and then back to standing position.  This exercise will focus on your legs, glutes as well as work your stamina. Try to do 10 reps in 4 sets with 20-30 seconds of break in between. Try singing to baby when you’re doing this exercise!

I hope you enjoy these exercises and this new way of connecting with your baby! Please remember to always consult your doctor with any questions you have and to first confirm that you and your baby are both healthy enough for this workout.

I’m Audrey Fourcade and am based in Dubai. After more than 10 years of dance practice, I started fitness training when I was 16, winning the French fitness championship at 18.  I received my sports designation in France and have been teaching fitness classes for more than 13 years in Paris, and traveled all over the world for fitness conventions to teach classes and host workshops for other instructors.

I am a certified NIKE trainer as well as personal trainer and love pushing new strength limits with my clients. Dancing has also been a big part of my fitness routine and a personal inspiration to me as I believe that it’s through dance that beauty and strength communicate together.

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