Choosing a Stroller

Choosing a Stroller

How does one choose the best stroller amidst the many offerings on the market? We have a few helpful hints for you.

Baby strollers are one of those things that you won’t be able to manage without, unline many gadgets often found on baby registries. They are often also the first item new parents-to-be invest in. Despite that the market is abundant in options – or perhaps because of that, they are a rather tricky item to shop for, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Cost is the deciding factor. They can be really expensive, like designer handbag expensive and so henceforth it is rather common that first-time parents get a shock when they first look at the price tag. Look around online and then set a budget for what you think is feasible – many come with unnecessary gadgets that you won’t actually need.

Weight is the second thing we advise that you look at – the more substantial versions are more durable with thicker wheels and can be made for jogging etc (read Workout With Your Baby and Stroller). They are tough, but the downside is that they aren’t suited for public transport. This is where you need to shop around your lifestyle choices. In general, in the UAE we recommend the lighter strollers. Unless you are an adventurous mum in which case opt for the first choice.

Foldability is the last but crucial part of the decision making process. Some strollers can be folded with a single movement while others require that you dismantle their wheels in order to collapse them. Are you intending on travelling in your car a lot? How large is the size of the bonnet of your vehicle? (Read Lightweight Stroller Buyer’s Guide).

Last but not least – as we are all learning to be more environmentally conscious it’s worth looking around in your mum community for a second hand one. Here are a few we at Mumzworld recommend:

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