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How to Choose Educational Puzzles Based on My Kid’s Age?

How to Choose Educational Puzzles Based on My Kid’s Age?

Puzzles are one of the best educational toys there is. Not only does it boost children’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. But it also enhances their hand-eye coordination, and strengthens their muscles. Choosing the best educational puzzle for your child should be based on age. Because each age group has certain and special puzzles that suit every age’s needs. 

Picking puzzles for newborn babies (from 6 months old)

Puzzles are very beneficial for boosting newborn babies’ cognitive skills. It helps them take those first milestone development steps. In addition, it is the first step we can take in introducing babies to shapes, colors, and starting their hand-eye coordination. 

When choosing an educational puzzle for newborn babies, make sure the puzzle pieces are the right size. This means you need puzzles that are big enough for a baby to hold, but not too big or heavy. This is important for two reasons. One, so babies can hold them easily without hurting their little hands. And two, to avoid choking hazards. 

The best educational puzzle for toddlers (2-3 years old)

At this age, we recommend puzzles with handles. Toddlers will be able to hold those handles and put the right pieces of the puzzle together. In fact, those handles make things even easier for toddlers. Also, we recommend starting with simple ones that have 3 or 3 pieces. And as your baby grows, you can switch to more complex puzzle toys. 

When your toddler loses interest in educational puzzles with handles, we recommend you move on to a different puzzle game. Chunky puzzles are great for this age group. We’d like to think of them as a 2 in 1 puzzle toy. First, put them together as a puzzle, and then play with them as a fun toy. Move gradually from a 2 piece puzzle to a 4 piece one to help your child’s skills and development. 

Educational puzzles for preschoolers (3-5 years old) 

When your toddler turns 3, then it is time to introduce him or her to Jigsaw puzzles. Those are the most known and common types of puzzles. And even us mums enjoy doing a jigsaw puzzle every now and then. As we mentioned before, moving gradually with the complexity of the puzzle is essential. So, start with a simple jigsaw puzzle. What is important to keep in mind here is the material of the puzzle. Most mums agree that for their 5 year old toddlers, they prefer wooden jigsaw puzzles. That is because they are safe and easy to hold. And they are also long lasting. 

5 year old’s also love floor puzzles. They are big, easy to put together, and they can be used as a playing mat! 

Puzzles for +6 year old children

As children get older, their interests become more clear. So, when it comes to buying a puzzle for children at the age of 6 and older, you need to know what they like best. Some children like animals, some like space, and some others like big monuments around the world. Also, take into consideration how hard you want the puzzle to be. The best puzzles for this age are the ones that have around 100-500 pieces. All depending on your child’s skills. Keep in mind that some children can do a 250 piece puzzle by themselves, while others need help from their mums. So it all depends on how early you start with your child, and how much they are into the puzzle itself.

Remember to include your child in choosing a puzzle to make sure they stay at it until they finish it to the last piece. 

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