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First Birthdays, You Made It, Let’s Celebrate!

First Birthdays, You Made It, Let’s Celebrate!

After months of sleep deprivation, what seems like endless diaper changes, smiles, tears and a few minor scares the time has come to plan your baby’s first birthday party. Fact is your child won’t remember the big day, but you will. And rest assured, the photos taken of your little one in a “1st Birthday” hat will be priceless down the road. In fact, as an adult, he or she will find them you showing them rather embarrassing! These bashes are as much a party for the parents as they are for the child, a pat on the back for getting through the first year together, it’s been a year of wonder, growth, and change for everyone involved and needs to be celebrated accordingly. Read our article Let’s Talk About Birthday Parties, Real Unicorns, And All!

If it’s going to be an intimate gathering, the party might include grandparents, aunts and uncles, and a few friends from your playgroups or classes or neighbours. The size of your party ultimately depends on your preferences, as well as your budget. Begin with your must-invite list, i.e. the people you wouldn’t celebrate without and go from there.

Expect the unexpected – from uninvited plus ones to your child having a mini-meltdown while being serenaded ‘Happy Birthday,’ expecting a glitch or surprise will eliminate the pressure to plan the perfect day. Letting go of some control over small details – such as setting the table or arranging decor such as balloons – will allow you more time to enjoy the day and the ability to laugh at small flaws that only you will notice.

Accept help. Greeting guests, serving food and making sure the camera is charged can be tough to juggle while you’re attempting to enjoy your baby’s big day. If someone offers to cut the cake, shoot the video or refill the coffee pot, accept their offer to lend a helping hand. You’ll make your guests feel comfortable while contributing to your child’s special day.

Most importantly: remember to have fun. Now is the time to surround yourself with the ones you love and celebrate the person that you, one year ago hadn’t even met yet but that now makes out your entire universe.

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