Making Life Easy – New Same Day Delivery for the Essential Items

Making Life Easy – New Same Day Delivery for the Essential Items

Mumzworld has listened and is pleased to announce a same day (or next day delivery) service for all your essential products, helping to make mum life that bit easier. Simply look out for the Yalla badge and place your order!

Yalla same day delivery

Have you ever found yourself in one of these scenarios?
– Having to go back to the shops for that one item that you forgot but really needed?
– That dreaded feeling of having to bundle all the kids into the car after a busy day just to get some more nappies or wet wipes?
– Having to go out in the middle of the summer with a new baby because you’ve run out of diapers?
– Forgetting an upcoming birthday party and not having time to go out and buy a gift?
– Checking your child’s school bag to find a broken lunch box or missing drink bottle and not having time to get to the shops and replace it in between your busy schedule?
– Dragging your tired kids through the shops to get your basic supplies when they really aren’t in the mood (or perhaps when you aren’t in the mood)?

Now you can rely on Mumzworld to be your mummy sidekick and save the day. It makes life easy and it is designed especially for you.

Shopping online:
– means you avoid the chaos of parking and malls,
– gives you the best prices in one place
– allows you to tick off your shopping list with ease
– saves you an outing in the summer heat
– and it means no hassle!

It also means you can shop comfortably from anywhere; perhaps from your desk at work or while sitting on the lounge having a cuddle with your little one or perhaps when you suddenly remember that you have no formula left.

Check out the wonderful items available now for same day delivery such as; diapers, wipe, formula, lunch boxes and drink bottles plus gifts that are under 100 AED (perfect for the birthday party gift that you’ve run out of time to go looking for or that you forgot is in two days’ time).

Give yourself a break and let Mumzworld take the hassle out of shopping for you.

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