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Things We Must Lose Before the New Year

Things We Must Lose Before the New Year

By the end of every December, we start making plans for the new year. We make new plans, and set up new goals to achieve during the new year. But before we do so, we must make sure to be baggage-free. That applies to both tangible and intangible things. Here is a list of things to get rid of before the new year starts. 

Things to Lose Before the New Year

1| Old documents.

For some reason, we tend to keep and collect many old documents that we don’t really need. Like coupons, old receipts, and other bills. We also tend to keep old catalogs and brochures from different places and stores. Therefore, it is best to get rid of those documents and papers to start the new year nice and paper-free.  

2| Personal care products. 

Old personal care products do not need to travel with you to the new year. We believe it is best to lose old items like toothbrushes, loofahs, skin care products and other personal care products. Especially that they probably expired and cannot be used. Personal care products can collect many viruses and bacteria. So, make sure to get rid of them all and get new ones for the new year. 

3| Expired cans and foods. 

Before the new year, it is a good idea to go through your pantry and clean it out. Check the expiry date on your canned foods and make sure to throw out anything that is expired. You can also use this as a chance to organize your kitchen cupboards. And start the new year with an organized kitchen

4| School Stationary. 

A new year brings a new school year as well. Meaning new back to school preparations. But before you start shopping, go through your kids’ school stationary. Get rid of old books, notebooks, and another stationary that cannot be used anymore. Also, you can give the old schoolbooks to charity so other people can make use of them. This way, your home will be clean of old stationary and ready for new ones. 

5| Medications.

Go through your medicine cabinet before the new year. Get rid of old or expired medications – even if you think you might need them. Many people keep old medications thinking they might need them again. But you’re better off without medicine rather than taking old or expired ones. 

6| Old books. 

If you are a reader, then you must have many books. Almost all libraries hold books that we won’t touch again. Therefore, it is best to go through your old books and novels and give them away. There are many public libraries that take book donations. You can also give those books to other family members or friends. This way, you will also have room for new books. Whatever you choose, make sure not to stack books in your own library and leave them to dust. 

7| Plastic bags 

We all try to keep the environment clean and waste-free. That includes us storing plenty of plastic bags and not throwing them out. The best thing you can do when it comes to plastic bags is to collect them. And then recycle them. This is the best way we can keep our planet clean

8| Old makeup.

Just like personal care products, expired makeup shouldn’t accompany you to the new year. Stick to their expiration dates, even if you don’t have the heart to throw them out. 

9| Unused clothes. 

We all have a few clothing items that we never ever wear. Stacking clothes is one of the worst things that we can do. Not only will it take up space, but seeing an unused piece of clothing whenever you open your closet is exhausting. Therefore, make it a habit to go through your clothes by the end of every year. And give away any clothing items that you did not wear for the past 6 months. Moreover, there are many people in need of clothes, so it is a wonderful way to contribute to society. 

10| Cracked kitchenware. 

Do you have a cracked plate or mug that you don’t use, but you don’t throw away either? Well, it is time that you do! Kitchenware like plates, mugs, cups, and bowls can get old or cracked. We tend to shove them in the back of the cupboard and never use them again. When we do so, we feel our cupboards are full, but we don’t really have much stuff. So, make room for new kitchenware by donating the old one to charity or throwing it out in a recycling bin.