How to shop online like a pro

How to shop online like a pro

The age of technology made everything online, and with the current pandemic, online shopping now is an essential part of our daily lives. Here is why online shopping is better these days, and how to shop online smartly.

Why is online shopping better? 


Not just money wise, but with the pandemic shopping online reduces the chances of interacting with people who might have Covid-19. 

-Saving time and effort 

Think of the fact that you won’t lose time in traffic and waiting in line, and you won’t have to carry heavy bags or make three trips to your car to get what you bought inside your house.

-Get reviews 

Most websites and applications allow their customers to share their experiences regarding services and products. You can read those reviews to make the best purchase.

-Gift shopping

Buying gifts can be a little hard, but when online shopping you can order a gift and have it delivered to wherever you want, or you can buy virtual gift cards for your loved ones. 

We can’t argue it is a great thing especially this holiday season

-Great getaway 

Shopping online can be your own personal time. Make a cup of coffee, sit in your favorite corner, and start visiting different stores and ordering whatever you want without breaking a sweat. 

-Great deals 

Most online stores have you register in them to be remembered when discounts take place, or to be offered vouchers and gift certificates for several occasions like Christmas or your birthday. 

-Special items 

Buying online items like clothes or bags reduces the chance that you’ll have the same bag that your neighbor has. It just helps you to stay unique! 

How to shop online like a professional? 

Here are some tips and tricks for you to ensure a great online shopping experience: 

1-Use the right card 

Whether it is a prepaid card, or an online shopping card. Make sure to use them when online shopping because it is safer to use these cards rather than the main card. 

2-Connect with your bank 

You can do so by downloading and signing in your bank application. This way you’ll keep checking your bank statement, balance, and your transaction history any time and any place. It will also introduce all the services your bank offers. 

3-Keep updating your passcodes 

When linking your phone to your bank account, make sure to keep updating your passwords and pin numbers regularly  for maximum security. 

4-Use trusted websites and apps

Avoid shady websites and applications that no one ever uses. It is commonly known what are the most popular and trusted websites used for online shopping, so stick to them. Secured websites always have the lock icon or HTTPS in their URL.

5-Never deal with third parties 

When online shopping, make sure not to give your payment information to third parties. If you receive confirmation requests, make sure it is legit from your bank or the website your buying from. Keep in mind to never share information regarding your payment methods via email or messages. 

6-Stay signed in to receive updates

Most websites and applications send you notifications on their new products, deals, discounts, and to remind you if you have vouchers or gift certificates. Signing up helps you stay connected to receive all of these updates. 

Make sure to activate your notifications to receive all updates first hand. 

7-Always have sizes at hand 

When shopping for clothes, make sure you got the right size. You can do so by taking accurate measurements for you or your kids and have them saved in your phone. This way you’ll get the right size quickly. 

8-Have all the knowledge you need 

Before making a purchase, make sure you read the terms and conditions, return policy, and refund policies. This way if something happened you will be prepared. 

9-Check social media 

Most websites have social media accounts whether on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Make sure to follow them to get updates on discounts, products, and even brands that you never knew existed. 

Follow these steps and you will earn yourself a great online shopping experience and become a regular customer to receive great deals and discounts.

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