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Black Friday is Mumz Friday Here at Mumzworld!

Black Friday is Mumz Friday Here at Mumzworld!

How to take advantage of Black Friday like a pro? Well, here at Mumzworld it is Mumz Friday, and we will tell you how to make the most of it. With our amazing sales and insane discounts you will buy everything you need for yourself, your little ones, and your fellow mum friends! 

Make the most of Black Friday here at Mumzworld! 

1. Sign up for emails

For example, here at Mumzworld we will be releasing deals on the daily for the entire Black Friday period. So, make sure you sign up!

2. Download the APP

By downloading the app, you will be able to receive notifications. This is where the secret deals and limited time offer deals are released first!

3. Prioritize your shopping list

Decide what you want to shop for in the sale add it to your basket. Add it to your shopping list and then wait for it to go on sale (hopefully). This will save a ton of time and you will easily catch up the sale.

4. Have a backup plan

This is just in case the item you have your eyes on doesn’t go on sale. Make sure you have a similar item that might go on sale in your sights and ready to go.

5. Keep the kids busy

Send the kids out with Dad so you can focus. Or get up early and shop online. The beauty of online we are always open! Always up  just like you mums!

6. Consider all upcoming events and occasions

You could shop for to save you time and money by simply being organized. Think birthdays, Christmas and back to school for the new year!

What does Mumz Friday include? 

Well, just like Black Friday, we are making crazy sales and offers on all the essentials mums and babies need.

Baby gear

Make the most of Mumz Friday and shop for your baby’s gear. This includes stroller, car seat, baby carriers and much more.


Do you need a crib? A soft sheet for your little angel? Or a pillow that makes breastfeeding easier? You will find it all here.


Looking for an upgrade for your backyard? Or a fun outdoor toy for your kids to enjoy? Well we got you covered! This will be great for you especially if you are living in Dubai or UAE where outdoors season starts now in November! You can also check some great outdoor toys here.

Home essentials

Do you want a Nutri Bullet Air Fryer but always thought it was too expensive? Or an amazing cordless Dyson vacuum? Well what better time to buy them and every home appliances your heart desires than now?


Buying toys this time for Christmas is a must. Whether it is for your little ones, your family, or your friend’s kids – now is the time to do it. Check out the huge collection of toys we offer.