The Top 5 Healthiest Snacks for a Mum-On-The-Go

The Top 5 Healthiest Snacks for a Mum-On-The-Go
Nuts Or Trail Mix

(Unsalted) nuts are undoubtedly some of the nutritious snacks out there. Naturally full of protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals nuts come in a variety of types, so there is a nut out there for everyone. The thing to be cautious of here are nuts covered in excess salt, oil and other often artificial seasonings based around the pesky trans fats. Instead look for raw versions of almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, and other healthy options such as brazil nuts. This is where the experts will pitch in that the brazil nut is not a nut, but you get our drift – they are to be found on the same shelf of Waitrose when you’re out there snack shopping.

Protein Bars

Often store-bought protein and snack bars can be full of sugar and other unnecessary flavour enhancers. Look for an all-natural bar that packs a lot of protein, vitamins and minerals—not just calories. It is essential to do a little reading up on reputable brands online as well as to read the labels carefully. We love all the organic fruit and nut bars that consist of straight-forward ingredients.

Adult Squeeze Pouches

We have all stolen a pouch or two from our kiddies snack packs and quite enjoyed them! Many companies have realised that this is the case and simply jumped onboard this trend and started producing them for adults with somewhat more sophisticated flavours. Not that there is anything wrong whatsoever with a mushed peach/carrot combo or a good old apple compote. Since they don’t require refrigeration, they are great to toss into a handbag too with no risk for spillage.

Kale or Veggie Chips

Ideal when you need something salty and crunchy and you want to stay clear of Pringles. They are rather easy to make at home but even easier to buy. Our favourite is the flavour with vegan cashew nut “cheese”.

Beef Jerky

Not all jerky is bad for you. Yes, some are heavy on salt and preservatives, but in Dubai, we are abundant in organic airdried South African biltong options instead. With 8-12 grams of protein per 1 oz. serving and next-to-no fat, jerky/billtong is one of the best snacks you can eat in- between meals.

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