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Mumzworld: A Decade of Entrepreneurship & Motherhood

Mumzworld: A Decade of Entrepreneurship & Motherhood

Just like motherhood, entrepreneurship is difficult, terrifying and filled with uncertainty. As an entrepreneur, you go through self-doubt, anxiety, and apprehension. But there is also excitement, just like motherhood. You can never be completely ready for either, you just take a leap of faith. This year, Mumzworld celebrates a decade of giving and being the Middle East number 1 site for Mum & Child since 2011.

Mumzworld was founded in 2011 by a mother looking to fill a gap in the market. It all began as a resort for women who needed support. A place for answers to questions asked by mothers far and wide in the region. Mothers who need the right products, at the right time. In order to do their job in the best way possible. Although she was faced with challenges, founder & CEO Mona Ataya knew she would figure her way through. She simply had to, she did, and she still does.

Mumzworld is now the go-to destination for all things Mum and baby. After its inception in 2011, the company has witnessed massive growth. Servicing and providing over 2 million mothers with over 200,000 products. Along with tens of thousands of which are exclusive, across over 20 countries.

What is the reason behind Mumzworld’s success? 

The driving force behind the company’s success has and always will be the mother. Impacting society one mum at a time. The goal is to empower her by providing her with the resources to make informed decisions. By offering a wide array of products. Arriving on time and when needed. All while delivering a seamless customer experience, ultimately makes a mother’s life easier.

With all Mumz at the very core of our Mission, the Mumzworld journey has been music more. It is a journey of both entrepreneurship and motherhood. As the number one destination for global businesses and brands looking to reach their targeted segments of the market. And more importantly, for every mum looking for that much needed support as well.

Mumzworld has been providing Mumz. Not only with the vital products needed to raise their children. But more importantly, with the information needed to do so. 


  • – By offering everyday must-haves
  • – Offering unique and exclusive products
  • – Giving moms the ability to search and compare products side by side
  • – Providing real reviews from our community of mothers
  • – Offering more than just the ‘what’, but also the ‘why’ and ‘how’ through the Mumz guides. This is a feature critical to new-time mumz looking for a guideline and a breakdown of mum essentials.

Tamer Group Acquisition

Being the largest e-commerce marketplace in the Middle East for all things mother, baby, and child. We joined forces with Tamer Group in order to respond to the growing needs of the communities. Tamer Group is a healthcare distributor and logistics company. It provides prestige products and consumer goods as the communities need. This is also to “allow us to continue to grow in key regional markets and expand its digital footprint” Said Mona Ataya. 

Mona also stated:
We are intent on digitizing the regional ecosystem, particularly in Saudi Arabia. With Tamer Group’s scale, size, reputation and regional knowhow – our combined complementary entity will be transformative for the region

Mumz Birthday: A Decade of Giving 

These past years have seen Mumzworld fulfill its mission of supporting and empowering Mumz. As the pioneer and leading mum and baby site in the region, Mumzworld continues in its journey to inspire and create impact, a journey where motherhood stirred the entrepreneurship that bred life to Mumzworld, and defines the ever-growing company vision.