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One for the Dads – How Can You Help the Mums-To-Be?

One for the Dads – How Can You Help the Mums-To-Be?

Do you know anyone who is about to become a first-time dad? A friend or a brother perhaps? Do pass this article along – new dads are going to need some help adjusting to the new status quo and do so differently to us mums. We ran this article past our partners before hitting “publish” and the feedback in unison was that they found it very helpful. And we answer everything on how to help the mums-to-be!

So here is to you first time dads – keep scrolling and feel the nerves slightly subside as you keep reading.

1| Help  the mums-to-be both physically and emotionally

After a woman gives birth, a new mum needs help both physically and emotionally. The emotional side allows her to have a mental break from the care of your beautiful albeit very dependent baby. The physical side gives her a chance to take a break and do things for herself. Getting both of these elements in check will mean she can recharge her nurturing tank for all those around her. The early weeks of being a new mum can be overwhelming and can be a very lonely affair with no one to talk back to you all day. So, when you’re home, she will need your help.

2| Encourage her to connect with other mums

Encourage her to seek support and connect with other mums and check in with her regularly to see if she feels that she is coping. Make sure to tell her that you think she’s doing a great job and remember to tell her that you are proud of her. These points might seem obvious, and we are sure that you’ll do a grand job at it, but it’s important to verbalize these things as opposed to feeling them. Whether you like it or not you’re just as likely to get overwhelmed at first.

To sum things up,

By offering extra nurturing to a new mother, you are loading her up with more energy to nurture others, including you, First Time Dad. We are rooting for you.