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Opting to travel back to your home country to deliver your child

Opting to travel back to your home country to deliver your child

Written by: Myleen R. Camama

Admin & Marketing Manager

Even before I got pregnant, I had always planned to go back to my home country to deliver my baby. I always believed that having my family next to me would give me the support I would need, with that said I opted to travel back during my 28th week of pregnancy. Below are some useful tips on what to do if you wish to travel home for delivery.

Most airlines will allow you to fly up to 34 weeks. (This does vary from airline to airline so be sure to check far in advance to ensure your dates correlate). As far as I’m aware, Emirates Airlines, in the majority of cases will allow you to fly up to 34 weeks while some will go up to 36. Ensure you know how far you are, and that you have some documentation to prove it if questioned – let’s be honest, no one wants the hassle of not having the relevant information to re-assure the airline clerk that you are fit-to-travel at check-in. Ensure you have all the relevant documents easily accessible, along with your passport. Documents should include a fit to fly certificate – You will certainly need this if you are over 27 weeks. I have taken mine during my last Doctor’s appointment which was less than a week before I flew.  Remember that this letter is usually valid for only 3-5 days after written, so be sure to book your doctor’s appointment close to your flight date.  The letter confirms that so far, the pregnancy is healthy, uneventful, that the cervix is intact and that you are fit to fly. I had my antenatal notes and the latest scan report which stated my expected day of delivery, the size and the presentation of my baby as well as the site of the placenta.

On booking my flight, I did not have the luxury to fly business, so I ensured I chose an aisle seat which was close to an onboard toilet.  A pregnant lady must ensure she is always well hydrated and frequent trips to the restroom are normal – hence I always ensure I have a facility close by. The seat I chose was also at the rear of the plane, which made getting up to do leg exercises and being able to walk around during the flight (ensuring I had good circulation to my legs) must easier.