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Planning a Wildlife Birthday for Your Child

Planning a Wildlife Birthday for Your Child

Most of our kids grow up loving wildlife and wild animals. They learn so from using those animals in their learning process. There are plenty of storybooks that feature elephants, giraffes and eagles that tell moral stories. Also, there are many movies that children love which stars lions, zoo animals, and sharks. So, if your child is a Lion King, Zootopia, or Jungle Book then you must throw a wildlife birthday party! Here is everything you need. 

First of all, you can throw a wildlife birthday party in two ways. One is to turn the venue into a wild animal zoo. Or you can pick your child’s favorite wild animal and make it the main theme. Both ways, you need a lot of preparations to get this party ready. 

What you will need to plan a wildlife birthday party?


You cannot throw a proper birthday party without having decorations all over the place. So, first you need to pick your venue and book a time and date. Then, you need to get fun and wildlife birthday decorations. You need swirl decorations, balloons, themed lanterns, and wall banners. It is also best to start decorating a day before, or at least a few hours before. This way you can turn your venue into a proper jungle.

Table set up 

You can set up the birthday table two different ways. One is to have a kiddies table, with fun wildlife plates, cups, straws, and napkins. And the other is to have one big show table with everything served. If you are inviting other parents, then the second option is very doable. 

In fact, both options need the fun table set up with a fun table cover. In addition, choose serving plates that are theme related. For example, if you are choosing a jungle theme, then pick serving plates that are white, green and brown.

A theme cake 

This is the most important part of the wildlife birthday party. You can choose one animal to go on your cake, or you can choose the whole jungle. There are plenty of great bakeries in Dubai that make fun and delicious customizable cakes. We recommend contacting those bakeries at least two weeks in advance to make sure all goes well. 

In addition to a themed cake, you can add themed cupcakes. They are easy to eat and you can decorate them with fun cupcake toppings. 

Party favors 

As for the party favors, choose something simple and fun. You don’t need something fancy or expensive. You can choose theme related bags. Put some theme related candies, and one little wild animal for each little guest. That would make a lovely and fun giveaway.

Games and entertainment

Birthday party games for kids are perfect for whatever theme you choose. You can plan a game of “pin the tail on the lion”. Or you can have them play musical chairs and choose wild animal songs for the game. Also, you can hire a face painter or a balloon artist – that would be great fun! Another fun idea is to hire someone or a punch of people dressed up as wild animals and set up a photobooth. This way, all kids can leave with pictures with there favorite wild animal!

Maybe a costume? 

Costumes always add a great touch to the party host – your son or daughter. There are plenty of costumes you can choose from. Whether it is a lion, an elephant, or a simple jungle boy or jungle girl. Moreover, you can buy a costume or be a little more creative and make one from scratch. It is a very fun and teaching moment for your kids to have them wear something they made. Or at least partially made.

Get a pinata 

Finally, another great party addition is a pinata. There are plenty of pinatas shaped like wild animals. Get one, fill it with yummy treats, and have the kids take turns trying to smash it. This can be the last fun activity during the birthday party.

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