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Throw a Birthday Party From Outer Space

Throw a Birthday Party From Outer Space

Everyone is fascinated by space, stars. And astronauts. Especially little children. Many baby toys are space related, so kids are into space and the moon since their birth. Throwing a space themed birthday party will be so special and exciting for both you and your child.

An outer space party can be both fun and educational, so let’s get planning!


There are plenty of galaxy decorations out there. When picking your balloons and wall decorations, make sure they are colorful and happy. Some space decoration can be a little dark colored for children’s’ birthday parties. Here are some suggestions that will bring space into your home and brighten up the place.

Order the cake

Themed cakes are an essential part of any themed birthday. You can get a cake shaped like a rocket ship, a galaxy cake, or an astronaut cake. These will all make your child be on cloud nine! Remember to set up the table with everything space.

Remember the utensils

Why use your own utensils and plates and have a pile of dirty dishes by the end of the party? Disposable plates, cups, and utensils will make your life way easier. Get them in colors related to the theme to make your little one’s birthday even more perfect.

Buy the gifts

If your little one is into outer space, galaxies, and astronauts – you might as well buy a gift that is related to these. There are plenty of options out there and for all ages. They are also very suitable for both boys and girls.

Send out invitations

Since life is going back to normal slowly after Covid-19, you might want to bring back some old ways. Like sending out invitations. You can also send electronic invitations- the choice is yours!

Plan party activities

A space themed party is an opportunity to educate kids about space and all that is related to it. Plan party activities where kids get to name planets, types of star groups, and name rocket ship parts. Another idea is get a professional face painting artists to draw planets, moons, and whatever your kid wants.


Another idea is to dress up your little one with cute space costumes. That will make their special day even more amazing.