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Preparing your Child to Start School

Preparing your Child to Start School

Living a transient lifestyle in the Middle East means that your child may change schools several times during their childhood, or experience many changes with their teachers and school friends. This can often lead to added anxiety when having to go back to school after the long summer break in September. Here are a few top tips to help ease their nerves and start school.

Visit the School

This is an especially good idea if your child is about to start a new school. Taking a school tour is not only important for you as a parent but also will help your child familiarise themselves with the building, classroom and various facilities.

Meet the Teachers before you children start school

A lot of schools, especially in the initial years, will arrange a meet and greet with your child’s teacher. Do attend this with your child as it is a great ice breaker and can help you support your child on their first day.

Review the school’s website and social media 

Sometimes you and your family need to relocate at the drop of a hat, and if that is the case, you or your child may not have had the opportunity to visit the school before enrolling. If you are unable to visit the school in person, do take your child through the school’s website and social media accounts to get a snapshot of the type of curriculum, facilities and extracurricular activities that are offered.

Arrange playdates

Before school starts, try and arrange playdates with your child’s classmates. This is not necessarily an easy task if you are new to the school/country, but it is sometimes possible if you can search for the school’s details on social media, and enquire as to whether there is a class-specific Facebook or WhatsApp groups.

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