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Ramadan Paper Decorations!

Celebrate the Ramadan festivity with arts and crafts and make your own Ramadan Paper Decorations!

Ramadan is a time for families to come together and celebrate the spirit of love and generosity. Watch the video to learn about 3 fun Ramadan decoration ideas that you can create with your children with basic items you have at home.  Getting kids involved in arts and crafts is also an effective way for them to develop motor skills, build self-confidence and learn patience.

The importance of teaching children arts and crafts: 

1| Teach children bilateral coordination.

Making arts and crafts requires your child to use both hands. This further helps them in other tasks such as writing, tying their shoe laces, and much more.

2| Builds their motor skills

Drawing shapes on papers, and using kid-friendly scissors pushes your children to use their fine motor coordination.

3| Teaches them self regulation and patience.

When painting a picture, you need time to let sit and dry. This disciplines children that not everything happens immediately. Waiting for a painting to dry teaches our children patience and self regulation which we all know they will need in the future.

4| Builds up their self esteem and confidence.

When your children make a small decoration, and see it hanging in the house, it boosts up their confidence. They will feel good about themselves and work harder to improve their work. This also fosters their self worth and self love.

5| A great family bonding activity

When you set up a crafts table, and have everyone make their own little contribution – everyone will bond. You and your partner will spend time with your kids talking and bonding, and your children will get along together better.

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