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Top 10 Christmas Decor Ideas for that Perfect Holiday Mood

Top 10 Christmas Decor Ideas for that Perfect Holiday Mood

Christmas is a time to follow family traditions, and there’s no tradition more fun than decorating our homes. Welcome your guests with elegant Christmas decor ideas that includes crackers, decals, balloons and more. And don’t forget to involve the kids with these thoughtful ideas.

Top 10 Christmas Decor Ideas

Decorating for Christmas is always a merry occasion. Who doesn’t like rummaging through the Christmas decorations that hold so many precious memories? And who doesn’t delight in deciding which ones will be selected this year to grace their homes and yards? This Christmas, there are many excellent decorations to choose from. So, take your pick from our top 10.

Large Christmas Crackers

Make your Christmas table festive with these gorgeous Santa and Rudolph crackers. The young ones will be mesmerized by the sight of them. What better way to begin the Christmas dinner than with a funny hat, a joke, and a toy! Everyone will be feeling that festive joy the moment they put on their party hats. Once you’ve experienced the joy of these crackers, they can become a tradition that your family will look forward to year after year. And there are so many different types to choose from!

Christmas Fun Glasses

Do you have any social media enthusiasts in your family? Of course, you do! They will be ecstatic with the Elfie Selfie photo kit. The fun may start out with the kids, but soon it will spread throughout the entire family. Brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends will try on the costumes in their frenzy to be the friendliest, scariest, most glamorous or most wicked elf of all time. You may even see an upside-down elf! The friends and family you share these photos with will certainly like your Elf-ish Christmas antics.

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Christmas Stickers

Are you looking for the perfect activity to keep the kids amused while the adults enjoy a leisurely holiday dinner? This sticker set will keep the young artists in your family busy creating cards, wrapping paper, name place holders or decorations for the table. Kids of all ages can join in on the fun, and their creativity will be sure to amaze you. What a festive way to encourage interaction among your younger guests!

Personalized Christmas Stocking

Make that first Christmas all the more special with this exquisite, personalized bear and stocking set that will be a keepsake for a lifetime. After all, who could resist such a cuddly bear as a companion? The set contains a bear and handmade velvet stocking, made of quality materials that are sure to last for years. All are specially crafted to be safe for even the youngest baby.

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RoomMates Santa Claus Wall Decal

If your kids are asking to help you decorate, here’s the perfect way to encourage them: Let them decorate their bedroom or a wall in the home with this peel and stick Santa stickers set! And what could be a better theme than the jolly old elf himself? These stickers can be easily removed and repositioned, so no need to worry about wasting any. You and your kids will be beaming with pride as you greet your guests with your children’s own designs in the foyer of your home. There will be so many complimentary comments and questions from your guests that your children will be talking about these lovely stickers until New Year’s Eve!

Or if you’d prefer you could save these stickers to be a stocking stuffer for Christmas day. They’d make the perfect fresh activity to keep the youngsters entertained while the adults talk.

Christmas Cupcake Kit

This is a gift especially for the aspiring baker in your family. Your little Gordon Ramsay will just love having the fun of both, opening his ideal present and making cupcakes on Christmas day. He’ll be able to make the cupcakes super decorative too, with the themed figures that come with the kit. Or if you’re feeling creative, make the cupcakes yourself and surprise everyone with a delightful and delicious dessert. Each of the kids can select a figure for themselves as a keepsake. Don’t forget to take a photo of this memorable occasion!

Christmas Characters Balloon Kit

What a surprise for a kids Christmas party – Santa himself, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, a helper elf, and the snowman, all floating around the room. The kids will be overjoyed to have their favorite characters joining them in their celebrations. And at the end of the event, let every child choose a balloon to take home, as a memento of the occasion. It will brighten their bedrooms and be a cheerful reminder of the great time they had with all of their friends.

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Mini Christmas Cookie Cutters

Decorations are not just for the eyes; they’re for spending creative time with your family. And they can be great for the taste buds too! Baking is an excellent way to share these special moments with your children. Use these fanciful cookie cutters to create unique cookies to serve to friends and family. Spread out the cookie dough and let your kids immerse themselves in the process of making the originally shaped cookies. Afterwards, use frostings and sugar sprinkles to customize each one. And what better reward could there be for all of their hard work than a beautiful yet delicious cookie! It may be easier to simply purchase ready-made cookies, but far less rewarding. After all, Christmas is all about spending time doing things together.

Vulli, My first Christmas

Make that first Christmas special! Your baby will delight in the two Christmas balls that match his or her new toy giraffe. Sophie is not just a fun toy. She is designed as a teether and is perfectly safe for your child chew. Don’t forget to take a photo to add to your Christmas box, so you’ll be able to share that first Christmas moment with them over and over again.

Room Mates Build a Christmas Tree Wall Decal

This is a perfect solution for any home that does not have room for that giant Christmas tree. Turn a wall space into a dazzling tree, decorated with the traditional favorites.

Or delight your children by giving them the gift of their own personal tree in their room. The pieces stick well and can be repositioned with ease. Even the youngest child can assist with this puzzle.

Time to decorate the homes? Involve the kids this year, so that they will cherish these special moments. And, of course, save these decorations from year to year as you build family memories. If the decorations are disposable or given away, then fear not! Get out those cameras to freeze them in time and keep these precious memories forever.