Tips for Successful Homework Time

Tips for Successful Homework Time

Your kids just spent all day at school, asking them to do homework can sometimes seem like a big ask, and let’s be serious; it’s almost like having school at home. Once your kids get home, your child may resist homework; however, there are some ways to make it more appealing:

Give them a breather – Time homework right, let them arrive home, relax and then set some time before dinner for homework. Rushing the homework to be done as soon as they come back may cause more friction and exhaustion. 

Create a great space for them to work – The environment is everything, create a quiet space, be it in their room or a common area but ensure there is good lighting, and a workspace such as a desk or a table that is dedicated for them to work. We love this school desk: 

Fuel them up – A full day of learning, and then homework to get done requires lots of fuel.  Fill them up on the good stuff. A good option for energy without ruining dinner time appetites are Fade Fit Kids snacks. 

Also, ensure that they have a drink bottle of water available to them at all times to stay hydrated. These are great options:

Incorporate creativity as part of your after school free time – There will be days when homework is not happening easily, so try to change the activity, so your kids are still creatively engaging their mind. Add a painting or drawing station in your study area to encourage this. A good option is this children’s easel; you might even gain a new piece of art for your fridge.

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