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Should I Sign Up My Kids for Competitive Sports?

Should I Sign Up My Kids for Competitive Sports?

Play sports is a big deal for most parents and children. Many parents want for their kids to be professional athletes. But how to achieve that? At what age do kids get into competitive sports? And what should I expect as a mum? And the big question: is competition bad for my kids? We will answer it all for you. 

What are competitive sports? 

A competitive sport usually means that there are two parties playing against one another. Usually, there are two teams. But in some sports the competition can be between two solo athletics. There are so many different sports that your child might be into. To make things easier, we can divide them into solo sports, and group ones. 

Solo sports 

Some children tend to lean more towards solo sports because there is no competitive pressure there. If you want your child to compete, make sure they are comfortable with that. This can be your little one’s “getaway” and you don’t want to ruin that for him or her. 

  • – Tennis
  • – Karate
  • – Swimming
  • – Dancing
  • – Running
  • – Ice skating
  • – Skateboarding
  • – Gymnastics‎
  • – Archery

Group or team sports

Those can be offered by schools or clubs. They also include little leagues that you can sign up your kids in. Furthermore, if you are looking for the best school for your child. Knowing what sport programs they offer can help out with your decision. 

  • – Basketball. Check out Dubai Little League
  • – Soccer 
  • – Baseball 
  • – Volleyball 
  • – Lacrosse

What is the best age for kids to play sports? 

Some parents are eager to have their kids start playing competitive sports. And while we love the excitement, it is not always helpful. In addition, just because your child isn’t kicking a ball at the age of 5, it doesn’t mean he or she won’t become an athlete. This interest is acquired as they grow up and will change as they get older. 

Most kids don’t have the necessary coordination to take up sports till the age of 5 or 6. Even by then, they might not understand the whole thing. Having said that, you can teach them the basics of sports like basketball or soccer at the age of 4. But keep in mind not to push them too hard, because that will be counterproductive.


You can get them mini sport toys to help you with that

Is competition really healthy for kids? 

While many parents think that competition is bad for kids. And it teaches them to be selfish ir violatent. We would like to think the opposite. Competitive sports teach children a great deal of skills that are good for them. Such as: 

  • – Team work
  • – Observation
  • – Independence 
  • – Empathy and respect 
  • – Confidence, even if they lost a game. 

So, it can be a double edged sword. And this is where we come in as parents. We need to keep putting a positive spin on it, and highlighting the values of competition. We should not scold them to win, but rather encourage them to do their best no matter what the outcome is. 

Is there anything important to consider before signing up for a sport? 

As a mum, there are plenty of things to take into consideration when your child signs up for a sport. 

1| Your child’s interest

This is one of the most important factors you should keep in mind. Children should be excited and devoted when signing up for a sports team. And if they lose interest completely, you should not pressure them. You can talk to them and see if you can reignite their excitement. If you couldn’t, then it is time to move on.

In addition, most competitive sports require special equipment and clothes that you will pay for. You don’t want to spend money on something that will be hidden in the back of the closet, right? 

2| How will this affect my child? 

While we believe that sports are important and healthy for children. Sometimes they can be a distraction from more important things. Like friends, school, and family. You need to help your child pick a sport that will not affect their lives badly and won’t consume most of their time. We also recommend you explain that to your child to avoid conflict. 

3| Will you be involved? 

Moreover, you need to know how involved you will need to be. This includes driving your kids to practice and picking them up, attending games, and more tasks for you as a parent. Surely, you want to be there for your child. But if you are a working mum – or simply a busy mum – then you need to figure this out. Again, you need to keep the conversation going with your child to avoid any fallouts. 

Will my child quit his or her sports team? 

This usually depends on what motivates your child. Some kids play because they like to. Other kids play because their friends play. And in other cases, children play sports because their parents signed them up. Many experts say that this motivation can be lost along the way. And if the child is not in it for him or her self, then they would simply stop. 

Little league coaches say that the most common reason for kids to quit sports is because they stopped having fun. This is why it is very important to sign up your kids for something they want for themselves. So they would not lose their passion or motivation along the way.