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Everything you Need to Know on Trendy Travelling

Everything you Need to Know on Trendy Travelling

Travelling can bring out the best in us, and sometimes the worst. It can be a total mess or a total success, especially when travelling with your family. Here are some top tips on trendy travelling and how to do it on your family adventure.

Here are 13 tips on trendy travelling and how to do it.

1| Pick your colors.

Pack with a color scheme in mind. So that you can mix and match all your packed clothes together for a bigger range of looks and versatility. I always like to go for a blue, white and soft pink tonal palette!

2| Look the part.

Be ready for your flight with this beautiful travel pillow Cotton Home.

3| No boring bags.

Choose a chic and trendy diaper bag – who said diaper bags need to be boring? Checking out the wonderful range from Twelvelittle to match your style

4| Stylish and easy.

Look relaxed and at ease as you move through the airport while your little one is safe and sound with this super handy (and must have) bagrider.

5| Don’t forget to moisturize.

Pack a good moisturizer. Combat that long flight feeling with a refreshing moisturizer to rejuvenate your skin before touchdown.

6| Choose the right accessories.

Take a few different accessories with you so you can dress up an outfit with ease, I love using this handy Travel Organizer to keep those accessories organized and easy to find!

7| Study the location.

Choose accommodation wisely, look at location before booking and transport options – lots of cities have family friendly areas with cute cafes and parks.

8| Don’t skip your routines.

Take your favorite bath and body products with you. Keep up those routines and self-loving by using smaller bottles with these cute Travel Essentials

9| Choose the right stroller. 

If you are travelling with a new baby, or a bub that isn’t able to walk yet, buy one of these ridiculously handy and clever Babyzen Strollers. You can take it as a carry on as it folds up nicely. It also comes in a range of funky colors (personally I love the hot pink version). Perfect for travel so you can keep bub in the stroller all the way to the gate, and pop them back in as soon as you land.

10| Save the memories. 

Keep track of all your wonderful adventures with your children. Trust me,in years to come you’ll flip back through and enjoy the memories. This Flying Logbook is perfect!

11| Keep your documents at hand.

Don’t forget a cute Document and Passport Holder to keep all the important paperwork and passports together in one place. Scrambling through bags looking for a lost ticket or passport is definitely not trendy!

12| Have a designated wet bag.

This is to keep your clean clothes clean and your dirty clothes, well… dirty. I love these handy Wet Bags (leak proof and pretty).

13| Check out the Cybex Carrier.

Look like a super cool mum while your baby is safe and cozy and your hands are free to use with this super chic Cybex Carrier. Not only it is stylish and design friendly, but it’s also ergonomically designed (the perfect combination).

My final top tip is to stay true to who you are and what your style is, have fun and don’t forget that ‘trendy’ can be whatever you want it to be!