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Your Ultimate Guide for a 360 Sanitized Environment

Your Ultimate Guide for a 360 Sanitized Environment

Every mum out there wants her home to be a safe and healthy environment for her family. That is why mums always put on a lot of effort into cleaning their homes, sanitizing them, and disinfecting every little space. So that their little ones would not catch any germs that might make them sick. And we want to make this task easier for you. We went into research mode to come up with the ultimate guide for having a 360 sanitized environment at home. 

In this guide, we will be taking you room by room. Following those steps will guarantee you a clean, virus-free environment at your home. 

The Foyer

Home entrances, or foyers, are probably the most used part in any house. We literally use them everyday. Whether we are going out, coming back home, or picking up a delivery. It is one of the places that can collect many germs, viruses, and bacteria. Therefore, it should be cleaned daily – and even more than once a day. That is why you need an easy, quick and efficient cleaning method for it. 

We always prefer a spray cleaner such as Dettol’s Disinfectant Spray which you can grab quickly and use. You can make your own at home mixing cleaning products or water, salt and vinegar. The best way to get your foyer cleaned is to start with the front door. You should clean it both inside and outside. Spray some disinfectant cleaner on the door, the handle, bell, and everything else around it. Use a good cleaning cloth to wipe off the cleaning spray and have your door clean and sanitized. 

In addition, every foyer, no matter how small, has a lot of furniture and items. Like a table, or a shelf. Sometimes we put a shoe closet, a mirror, and plant there too. Clean the surfaces with their designated disinfectant spray. And make sure it is suitable for the surface whether it is wood, marble, or anything else. 

Finally, make sure to get any decorations you got in there. Like key holders, little plates, and rugs.


Kitchens are also a place that we use a lot on a daily basis. And if you don’t have a dining room, that means your kitchen is – so that is more work. To perfectly clean your kitchen, start by the dining area. This way you will get all dirty dishes out of your way instead of going back and forth. You must disinfect your dining table, chairs, and anything else that is there. Again, a disinfectant spray will work wonderfully for dining tables. 

As for the cooking area, there is a lot to do, and more products to use. You need special and designated cleaners for countertops, stoves, sinks, floor, and cupboards. Luckily, Dettol’s kitchen cleaner will do the trick. Start with the countertops to clear the way and collect anything that needs washing. Wipe them and dry them well. Then, do your dishes and get everything out of your way. If you have a dishwasher, make sure to clean it once a week. Either add in lemons and vinegar or buy a dishwasher cleaner.

As for the sink, you really need to put in some work there. Because sinks collect lots of germs, dirt, and viruses. 

To clean your sink well, start by scrubbing it with soap and a sponge. Make sure to get every spot including the kitchen faucet, drain, and garbage disposal if you have one. You can pour some baking soda and vinegar into both drain and disposal to clean and disinfect them. 

As for your fridge, you need to empty it and use a sanitizing spray to get rid of all germs and bacteria. Make sure to get shelves, the fridge door, drawers, top and bottom to clean it fully. You can do the same with your freezer too. But you gotta be quick to avoid anything melting and getting ruined. 

Finally, vacuum the floor and mop it with hot water and floor cleaner to get rid of dirt, dust, stains, and crumbs.

Dining room 

Cleaning dining rooms can be super quick and easy. Because there is not as much furniture as other rooms. So, you need to sanitize the dining table, chairs, maybe a china if you have one and any other surfaces. Use a multipurpose cleaner to make this task easier. Then, vacuum and mop the floors if you need to. You can also hire a service that helps you with cleaning and disinfecting floors monthly.


We all can agree that cleaning bathrooms is not the most fun chore there is. But you can actually do it efficiently and in no time. Start with the toilet, sink, and shelves or cupboards. Use cleaning gels or Dettol sanitizing sprays to scrub them and rinse them with warm water. This will make them clean and 100 percent virus-free. Furthermore, all you need to clean the shower or bathtub is a disinfectant spray and use the shower handle to rinse it off.


Bedrooms and especially beds can collect a lot of dirt and dust. Make sure you wash your bedsheets, blankets and pillowcases regularly. We recommend adding disinfectant liquids from Dettol to your washing machine to disinfect them fully. 

In addition to that, make sure to get all surfaces cleaned. Like nightstands, vanities, and closets. You can use dryer sheets to keep the inside of your closet and clothes smelling nice and clean. Remember, a clean bedroom will guarantee a good night’s sleep.

Dressing room

While not all houses have dressing rooms, those that do need to do a bit more cleaning. Usually, those dressing rooms are carpeted. So you only need to vacuum them and maybe get a cleaning service to clean the floors once a month or so. Overall, vacuum your bedroom, wash your sheets regularly, and get all surfaces sanitized. Use Dettol’s Disinfectant Surface Spray for the latter – the result will amaze you. This way your bedroom will always be clean, fresh smelling, and fresh.


Again, this is not a room you would find in every house. But it is one of the places that debris and germs get to without us noticing. In a study you would usually have a desk, a computer or laptop, a bookcase, and other pieces of furniture. So, we need to get all those pieces and every spot there is because they will be very dusty and dirty if not cleaned regularly. 

Make sure to vacuum and mop well too. Especially if you walk around barefoot – you don’t want to walk on dirty or dusty floors. Insider tip: there are plenty of floor cleaners from Dettol that have amazing and fresh scents. Like lemon, pine, lavender, green apples, rose, and jasmine.


Open-door areas can easily collect a lot of dust, debris and viruses. Especially during windy weather. Therefore, balconies need to be cleaned almost weekly with water, mopping, and dusting any patio furniture that you have. Use both water and a disinfectant cleaner to get rid of both dirt and germs.


Lastly, backyards are very essential to keep clean and germ-free. That is because our kids always spend time outdoors playing in our backyards. And while outdoor activities and play is important for them. It can be a little risky if we do not clean it regularly and properly. First, if you have a lawn with grass and plants you might as well hire a gardener. A gardener will look after the plant, take out the weeds, and keep your little green space fresh looking. 

As for outdoor furniture and outdoor toys, you might want to get a big disinfectant portable sprayer. This tool is very easy to use, and needs no electricity. Just fill the tank with the cleaner you want and spray furniture and toys to sanitize them. 


Following this guide will definitely guarantee you a 360 sanitized environment at your home.