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The Teensy-Weensy Moments

The Teensy-Weensy Moments

With nothing to measure how we are doing as a parent; we often allow fear to take over our thoughts along the journey. There are special moments happening throughout the day which, which if we noticed them, serve as reassurance to our growth into parenthood. These moments often happen when we least expect them to or when we are caught up in an unwanted thought. 

We are too used to keeping an eye out for the ‘important’ moments with our kids. The ones that are most visible or noticeable; that we miss out on these special teensy-weensy moments. As tiny or unnoticed as they may pass, they carry a magnitude of comfort. Along with love, and reassurance to every parent. 

It seems as if these moments happen around times during our day where we doubt our parenting style. Or whether we are doing enough. As if a sign from the universe, reminding us that whatever it is that we do. If it is from a place of love; is enough. If we allow ourselves to pause and look around us. We might notice how magical these small bits are and how much love they carry with them. When your little one looks at you with eyes full of love and a smile full of warmth. A wave of love passes not only in your heart but your entire body. 

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These times are not just reassurance to how we are doing as parents. But also, a reminder to be kinder to ourselves as we are still early in the parenthood journey. A reminder that we are still learning how to adapt to being a parent. On top of everything else happening in our lives. A reminder to slow down and enjoy these small moments. In a world where everything seems rushed. Also a reminder that these are the moments which count. The moments which keep us going on the most difficult of days. Lastly, it serves as a reminder that unpleasant moments during the day are often balanced out by pleasant moments. Including these small ones.

It seems almost as if our kiddos are aware of the challenges associated with adapting to parenthood. Just as it takes time for them to adjust to being in this world. These teensy-weensy moments are their way of reminding us that self-love and kindness goes a long way. Despite the busyness of our days.

Here are some tips on how to maximize on these magical moments: 

  1. Capture these bits as they happen. whether handwritten or digitally. Find a way to capture them. They will be your go-to reminders of the wonders you are doing in your child’s life.
  2. Remind yourself to pause to acknowledge the moment. As simple as it may sound, we often rush through life, especially if they are small. Rushing from food preps to school drop offs, to finishing errands to cooking dinner. Pause when you realize these moments to energize yourself throughout your day.
  3. Communicate how you felt. When things are calm and the time feels right, share with your child how their actions made you feel. And why you appreciate that moment. This will instill in them resilience and ability to easily adapt to difficult situations.

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Not all memorable bits are big or major. They are beautiful small moments shared with those we love most, creating warm and loving feelings we cherish so deeply. May we realize these teensy-weensy moments and hold them close.

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