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All Things Unicorn For Back To School

All Things Unicorn For Back To School

Everything unicorn For Back To School? The unicorn craze, can we explain it? No. What we can we help you with is keeping things magical for your little unicorn crazed lady. Getting kids excited for school can sometimes be challenging, so here is a range of unicorn-inspired items to get them in the mood!

Citron Bento – Bundle Set

For your super fangirl. Go all out with a bag, box and even some super cute cookie cutters. The thermal lunch bag will keep your food cold all day long; it easily fits a lunchbox and a snack box and has a water bottle holder. The easy to clean interior and exterior means cleanup is a breeze. The main bonus? It all matches, how cute!

Nohoo – Bag + Bento Lunch Box

One for the smaller tots who might be off to nursery. Smaller in size, but not in style it is made from neoprene so its lightweight and soft. Add to this the matching unicorn-themed bento box and you are set for a stellar year ahead!

Essen – Cute Unicorn Notebook Journal

A beautiful notebook for all unicorn lovers! Your little girl can use this notebook to write down notes, homework, or turn it into her own diary. With a cute purple design and easy to turn pages, this notebook is truly a perfect pick.

Rainbow Skool – Unicorn School Bag Set

Rainbow Skool backpack set is designed to ensure your child’s utmost comfort. A lightweight backpack with an adjustable two padded shoulder’s straps to reduce the load bearing on the child’s back, neck and shoulders. This set is washable so no need to worry about the dirt anymore. It’s made of durable, high-quality, and waterproof material to protect your belongings.

Party Centre – Unicorn Stationary Favor Set 20pcs

Prepare party favors bags easily in time for your magical Unicorn theme party. Take this Unicorn Stationery Favor Set that’s got all the unicorn-inspired party favors in it. It comes with notebooks, rulers, crayon boxes and unicorn stickers ideal for loading up those Unicorn Loot Bags.

Unicorn Face Mask With Carbon Filter

You little girl will still probably need a face mask. Get her this adorable unicorn face mask with features a carbon filter for maximum protection against all germs and viruses.

Unicorn Hand Sanitiser

Jack N’ Jill’s natural anti-bacterial hand gel is a rinse-free hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of germs with added glycerin for moisturizing.