Hey Mum, I Am Not Just Playing – What Your Child is Really Doing and Why it’s So Important.

Hey Mum, I Am Not Just Playing – What Your Child is Really Doing and Why it’s So Important.

When children play outside, and in playgrounds, it is more than merely just ‘play’. Instead it is a time that should be valued and appreciated for the benefits it brings for children. Also, read Developing Motor Skills to find out which toys can help develop your child’s motor skills.

I am balancing.
I am working hard to control my balance; this makes my core muscles strong. This means I can sit at the table properly to draw and write, or I can stand to paint or use tools at a workbench.

I am climbing.
I am pulling myself up, and this works my shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. If I want to be a writer my shoulders need to be strong. My hands and fingers need to be strong, so I can grip my pencil or use scissors and other tools safely.

I am running.
I have made up a game with my friends, and we are playing it together in a cooperative way and using our imagination. I am using my coordination to move swiftly and my spatial awareness to make sure I don’t crash.

I am exercising my whole body.
This will keep me fit, helping to create a positive attitude to exercise and begin a lifelong habit of looking after my body. Every child needs access to outside spaces that encourage a range of movements while encouraging them to be active and take safe risks. If you have space in your backyard, why not add your own playground so that your child can access it whenever they want? Also, read our article 5 Benefits of Dance Classes for Kids to find out a fun way to get your child to exercise.

Playnation has a huge range to choose from, including 15 years warranty and they will deliver and install your playground for free. We particularly like this Playnation Cavalier Swing Set setup, it isn’t too big but it ticks all the right boxes and has so many great features like a climbing rope for hand strength, a ladder for coordination, a swing for vestibular stimulation, a steering wheel for creative play and so much more.

Also, read our article on Child’s Play, Sans Gender to find out more about gender neutral play.

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