Learn Social Skills Through Picture Books

Learn Social Skills Through Picture Books

Picture books provide a wonderful opportunity for learning and exploring concepts, especially to help children learn about social skills and build on their character strengths. By using picture books in this way, it takes the direct pressure off your child and helps them to see things from other perspectives.

Here are my top books picks to help children explore emotions, social skills and friendships:

Sharing a Shell

A beautiful and colourful story that explores the concept of sharing and friendship through loveable rock pool creatures. Read about how the friends change and work through problems together as they conclude that sharing is best!

Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose

A fun story for younger children as they meet lots of different animals with very different manners! See which animals have good manners and who doesn’t in this story that will make you chuckle with the beautiful illustrations and fun rhyming.

Love Always Everywhere

Help your child to explore the different types of love in the world. For example, loving a pet or loving your family. Whilst remembering that everyone we love is still unique and different.


A lovely story that explores the feeling of loneliness and needing comfort as the chimp searches for someone to give them a cuddle. Reminding us that everyone has a ‘blue’ day every now and then.

The Lion Who Wanted to Love

Explore the plains of Africa as this young lion realises he isn’t like the rest of the lions – he is different, he wants to be friends with the other animals instead. See how he learns that being different is fabulous and can bring happiness to lots of others.

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