The Toys that Everyone Should Have at Home

The Toys that Everyone Should Have at Home

There are a few basic things that should be in every house. One of those things are toys that are open-ended, flexible and able to adapt as children grow and learn. All of these suggested toys have an educational benefit or will help your child to develop specific skills needed for later life.

Favourite toys for children (that we really think they should always have access to) and the reason why:



When children play with puzzles they are learning the building blocks for maths and helping to shape their brain so that they can problem solve and understand spatial awareness and shape. Make sure that the puzzle has proper jigsaw pieces that clearly fit together (Melissa and Doug is my favourite puzzle maker).

Lakeshore – Plastic Pattern Blocks

These can be used in so many different ways, make a picture using the shapes, stack them, sort them, learn colours and shapes, use them as inspiration for drawings (what can you draw using this shape?) etc.

EDX Education

Rainbow Pebbles. I love these pebbles for so many reasons, they are all different shapes, sizes, colours and weights and allow children to explore science and maths in a fun way, stack them and see if it will balance, work out which one is heavier, use them with toy animals to make a play area etc.

Hape Maple Blocks

Every child needs a set of blocks! Blocks are fantastic for building, they give children the freedom to create while fostering their creativity, spatial awareness, coordination and mathematical thinking.

Learning Resources

Teddy Beart Family Counters – these cute little bears can lead to lots of fun stories that provoke different vocabulary such as big, small, same, different; they also help children learn to sort and classify by size or colour.

Melissa and Doug Bead Sequencing Set

This is a fun way for children to develop the muscles in their hands needed for writing, it also helps to develop maths skills (patterns, colour, shape).

Tooky Toy

Mega Doll House with Family and Furniture– doll houses are essential for both girls and boys (I love this one because it is gender neutral). Dollhouses help children to explore and re-create the world around them; it helps to develop social skills and awareness and make their own world and use their imagination.

Learning Resources – Handy Tools

These fun tools help children to develop their fine motor, fantastic to add to water play or sand. Or set them up in the kitchen with you and let them practice picking up rice or dried beans while you cook.

Melissa and Doug – Band-in-a-Box Clap! Clang! Tap!

Introduce your child to music and noise! It is vital for children to explore different sounds (and the notion of cause and effect). Let them see what happens if you are soft and gentle, or fast or slow.

And the best part of all? You can buy all of these toys right now on Mumzworld and have them delivered straight to your door!

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