Unleash Your Little Artist, Try These 10 Alternative Art Experiences!

Unleash Your Little Artist, Try These 10 Alternative Art Experiences!

1. Magic wax painting – first get your child to use a plain candle to draw a picture on white paper, once finished let them paint over it using water colour paint. Their drawing will magically appear!

2. Swap finger painting to elbow painting. Put on some old paint approved clothes and encourage them to use their elbows as paint brushes

3. Decorate your windows! Use these fabulous Window Markers to draw pictures all over the windows and enjoy seeing the light shine through the artwork (plus, it washes off with ease).

4. Nature artworks – take a walk in your local park or beach and collect some different natural objects (leaves, shells, sticks, pebbles) and use them to make a beautiful picture

5. Create a sculpture using these fun Neon Modelling Clay

6. Replace the paint brushes with different items such as feathers, forks, sticks or string and use them to paint pictures.

7. Get snap happy! Go out on a photography walk and encourage your child to take interesting pictures, then choose your favourites and print them out to make a colourful display. This myFirst Camera is perfect for children as they explore photography as an art form.

8. Car tracks – enjoy driving different toy vehicles through the paint and seeing the lines the tyres make on the paper as they drive around.

9. Cotton bud paintings, encourage your child to use their fine motor skills by painting with cotton buds. Make lines and dots to create beautiful artworks.

10. Marble painting – pop a piece of paper inside a tray, add a few dollops of paint and a handful of glass marbles. Encourage your child to tilt and lean the tray in different directions so that the marbles run through the paint creating an exciting pathway of colours.

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