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TOP 10 2022 Products for New Mums

TOP 10 2022 Products for New Mums

New mums, or pregnant mums, are either tempted or told to go on a massive shopping spree to buy all the items you might need, to welcome your baby to the world. The reality is that babies don’t need much stuff. But, there are a few essentials to make your life easier for the next six months post-delivery. We’ve had our fair share of disappointment while buying a few baby items that we never used; however, you will find below the TOP 10 products we found either essential or too cute to resist buying.

Top 10 Products for New Mums

Bedside Crib

If you consider co-sleeping with your newborn, a bedside crib is a must-have, for you to do so safely. You can attach it to your bed so that you can keep an eye on her baby or feed her without having to leave your bed. Some bedside cribs have a rocking function allowing your baby to fall back to sleep quickly, but we advise you to go with one which includes a reflux position function and with a lift-off bassinet option. This way, your baby can nap comfortably next to you during the day. We believe that all new mums need a bedside crib!

Finger Toothbrush

Why, you ask? Whether infants are breastfed or bottle-fed, they might develop cavities as both kinds of milk contain sugar. 

The formula is high in sugar and is sticky, which makes it your worst enemy. Dentists often advise mothers to wipe their child’s teeth with a wet cloth after the last feeding. As mothers, we found it much easier with a finger toothbrush.  You only need to wet it with water for babies under six months. Prevention is always better than cure.

Swaddle Cloths

Swaddling is a beautiful way to help comfort and soothe your baby as she adjusts to life outside your womb – if used correctly, of course. Improper use can cause hip problems and suffocation. We recommend new mums to always go for soft and breathable cotton swaddles on your baby’s’ delicate skin. 

Changing table

 A changing table is an essential item that you would want to have for your baby. A majority of changing tables come with shelves for easy storage of diapers, toys and other accessories. Some also have drawers. We recommend you pick a changing table that has at least one drawer. This drawer should be under the changing table to easily and quickly get the items you need as soon as you need them, such as diapers or PJs, opt for one that includes a baby bathtub. Make sure it’s a removable one for easy and multipurpose usage.

Baby Bath Support

if you choose not to have your baby tub built-in your changing table, you have the option to choose from a wide range of baby bather to help you safely and comfortably bathe your baby. Remember mama to enjoy bath time almost as much as your baby does. It’s the ideal time to bond with your baby. There’s a wide range of bath toys and books to turn this into a fun experience. A stress free bath time can lead to a smooth bedtime as the babies are already warm and relaxed. 

Baby Sick Day Kits

When your baby falls ill, most of the time, it’s due to nasal congestion. Baby sick day kits are so practical as they contain most of the tools you would need to fight whatever is ailing your little ones. It’s helpful to keep within reach a Nose suction bulb, an Accu-dose pacifier, thermostat, wipes and vapour rub chest balm helps soothe congested airways.

Diaper Bag

diaper bag is the most stylish accessory you will have for the coming year. It’s new mums’ best friend (right after diamonds and good night sleep) shopping through the endless options is as dizzying as a kid on a carousel. So focus on the essential things: a waterproof bag with separate compartments. 

Why? Because separate compartments keep you organized.

You might need to add in an extra snack, clothing for you, or your laptop in addition to all your baby needs. So choose wisely, mama!

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor helps you detect when your baby is crying or fussing in her crib. It also reminds you whether it’s time for a feeding or a new diaper, or if your baby is just cooing on her way back to sleep (which is adorable to watch).

 In choosing a baby Monitor, consider this your guide to what’s important to focus on such as rechargeable batteries, multiple portable handset receivers, sound clarity and night vision.


To new mums, a stroller can be the biggest yet most challenging investment to get into. Therefore, before buying, consider your lifestyle, your stroller weight, and the ease of usage. The right stroller can make all the difference in the comfort and accessibility of your daily life with your baby, from a walk in the park or a visit to the mall, that’s why it’s best to go for what makes more sense to your family. 

Car Seat

Your car seat doesn’t have to be the most expensive with all safety bells and whistles. It has to be right for your baby’s age, weight and height and most importantly, it has to meet car seat safety standards. In the UAE, infants and babies from birth up to 9 months of age should be in a rear-facing car seat. You can upgrade to a forward-facing car seat after nine months to approximately four years.