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2022 World Cup Celebration: 10 Fun Activities

2022 World Cup Celebration: 10 Fun Activities

This year’s World Cup held in Qatar is a global event everyone is following. Which is the first time in history it is held in an Arabic country. Not only is it an exciting and fun time, but it is also a chance to bring us all together – adults and our young ones. While following up the football matches is a must. We are thinking of adding more fun activities to your World Cup celebrations with your little ones. Here are the best 10 activities to entertain your family and keep the thrill going! 

Fun Activities for World Cup Celebration

First, you do not have to travel to Qatar to feel the excitement. If you are in Dubai, or anywhere in the GCC – you can bring the thrilling vibes to your home. How? By planning fun activities with these products below! 

1| World Cup Qatar 2022 Super Goal Field

Get your family this mini football game super goal field game. It is super fun for both children and adults alike. This game will bring so much fun and friendly competition for a fun night at home. 

2| Fifa Football Jigsaw Puzzle

This is one of the best officially licensed FIFA Merchandise- a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle perfect for a fun game night during the World Cup. It is both a great way for developing creativity and motor skills for kids. As it is an educational toy for them to help in building knowledge of the country.

3| Football Coloring by Number

This coloring book is a great gift for the little ones who are following the World Cup and love to color. It will develop their creative skills while following the football matches happening in Qatar. It is truly an opportunity to cultivate feelings, keep them away from electronic devices. And let them enjoy creative fun no matter where they are.

4| Qatar World Cup Mug

Are you with team Qatar? If yes, then you must get yourself this special Qatar World Cup mug. You can cheer any team you like by getting such special mugs with your favorite team’s flag on them! 

5| World Cup 2022 Fold Goal (2pc-Set)

Take the World Cup to your backyard with this amazing goal set. Your children can have mini tournaments training their soccer skills between half times. Keep a score and see who the best player in your family is! But do not forget to keep the competition friendly and thrilling.

6| Panini – Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 Sticker Album

Celebrate this historic edition of the tournament in Qatar held for the first time ever with this cool sticker album. Collect the star players, country flags, and much more.

7| Flipperz Collector

Another amazing officially licensed FIFA merchandise for collectors. It includes Qatar 2022 mascot flipperz along with much more! 

8| Saudi Arabia Thermos Stainless

Are you rooting for Saudi Arabia in the 2022 world cup? Well then, you must cheer for your favorite team with this amazing and high quality stainless steel thermos. It is super convenient to take anywhere, as it will keep your beverage fresh and cold for long periods of time.

9| World Cup Qatar PowerBall

Add some fun decorations to your World Cup set up at home with this powerball with built-in lights. The Airpower soccer can glide over any smooth surface. It is great for indoor fun for all ages. In addition, the powerful fans create a cushion of air turning any surface into an instant playing field!

10| Fifa’s World Cup Qatar Football Launcher

Lastly, but not lease, is this football launcher from the FIFA merchandise collection. It is a fun game for 2 Players. As it is perfect for game night activities for your kids, family, and friends.

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