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Top 10 Back to School Bundles to Add to Your Shopping Cart

Top 10 Back to School Bundles to Add to Your Shopping Cart

Mumzworld has come to the rescue this back to school season with amazing Bundles and packages, making it faster and more convenient to tick everything off your shopping list.

Staedtler – Markers + Pencils + Eraser + Sharpener

This is a perfect start to your stationary shopping, a reliable and trusted brand as well as the accessories needed to go with it.

SkipHop – Forget Me Not Backpack & Lunchie

A perfect matching set, a bag pack, lunch bag and reflective clip-on charm.

Citron Bento – 6C Truck Lunch Bag & Box + Bamboo Lunch Box

This is the perfect lunch box set, it all fits perfectly inside the cute insulated bag (it even fits the drink bottle)!

Tinc – Stationery Gift Set

I love this set, its the perfect gift during Back to school season.

Maped – Math Set + Pencils

The perfect set to pop in the school bag so that they are ready for whatever maths class involves!

MontiiCo – Value Bundle

I love the MontiiCo lunch box and water bottle sets, they have such lovely patterns and designs. They are well designed and super sturdy to last you all year long.

Bic – Assorted Pen , Color Pencils & Markers

This set is perfect for older children in upper primary, it has all the pens, pencils and markers they could ever need.

Ice London – Notebook, Pen & Pencil Case Set

This pretty set is a good starting point for your back to school essentials. Who can say no to pretty glittery stationary?

Smurf – Hand Sanitizer

This bundles of sanitizer bottles will ensure your kids can keep clean throughout the school year.

Maped – Kids’ Scissors

This adorable set of scissors are ideal for little hands and will allow kids to engage in arts and crafts while giving you complete peace of mind that they are being safe.