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Top 10 Bedtime Stories in UAE

Top 10 Bedtime Stories in UAE

Bedtime is a special time for bonding and making memories with your child, it is also the perfect time to snuggle up for a story. Find my top ten favorite bedtime stories to read together before bed below!

1| Mother’s Lap in the UAE

A lovely story about the bond between a mother and her child, with a focus on the love of reading.

2| Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book

You can’t go wrong with a Dr. Seuss book. This one is full of wonderful yawning creatures, who spread sleepy thoughts at bedtime.

3| Before & After

Fuel your child’s imagination and wonder  with this clever before-and-after narrative book.

4| Bedtime Stories, Classic Stories To Treasure 

Read tales about witches, wizards, princess, princesses and a host of magical beasts. The huge variety of choice will keep readers happy for hours on end.

5| Good Night

“I live in two separate houses, but I still say: Good night, Mum & Good night, Dad.”

6| One Hundred Flavors Of Ice Cream 

The beautiful trees and running water make them forget their troubles-until they realize they’re lost! how will they find their way out?

7| What are Stars? 

What are Stars is a lift the flaps book for curious little minds and answers all the questions about the sky and stars and the night with simple explanations and gorgeous illustrations.

9| Bella Blueberry Fairy

Each book in the ‘Chunky Cupcakes’ series features a fun fairy character and is scented with its own deliciously fruity or sweet scent.

8| Suhail 

Suhail’s Abu Dhabi Adventure’ sees our story’s hero set off on a long and difficult journey over the mountains and through the desert.

10| Dubai’s Talking Towers

Dubai’s talking towers is a beautiful picture book that takes the little ones on a journey to Dubai. It presents the towers of Dubai in a fun oriented exciting way.