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Why You Need a Baby Rocking Chair

Why You Need a Baby Rocking Chair

During the 9 months of pregnancy, you rock your baby are constantly in the womb through your daily movements. When you walk, your baby can feel the rocking motion and so it becomes associated with the womb. That is why babies are born with an innate desire to be rocked, and we parents accommodate this desire with our subconscious instinct to rock that’s why a rocking chair is essential 

Although some parents worry that too much rocking can create a habit that may be hard to break later on, there are still many benefits.

What are the benefits of rocking a baby?

  1. Helps calm and soothe babies
  2. Introduces the baby to rhythm as they explore the back and forth movements
  3. Helps put the baby to sleep
  4. Fosters development as babies become more aware of the movements and their bodies,
  5. Foster independence as baby will learn to sit and play a lone.

Why you need a rocking chair or a swing 

A rocking chair is a safe space to place your little baby, whether asleep or awake. It’s impossible to spend your days carrying your child. And yes babies are asleep for the bulk of their days in the beginning but eventually as their wake times increase you’ll need a spot to lay your baby down before they’re able to sit up right in a chair.

More importantly, it will allow you the time and space to get things done all while your little one is right next to you!

What are some great options to consider?

There is a huge variety of chairs ranging from the widely loved Mamaroo, to classic rockers like Hauck, Mini Panda, Little Angel and much more! Some come with a sound feature that will play lullabies, and overhead toys to keep your little one entertained!

Here are a few of our favorites