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10 Fun Indoor Activities to Enjoy With Your Child

10 Fun Indoor Activities to Enjoy With Your Child

Are you looking for fun indoor activities that you and your little ones can do for hours on end during those hot summer days indoors? Well, if you were struggling for ideas, you’re in the right place!

Take a look below to learn more about some awesome mother and child indoor activities that you can both have a blast with!

1) Freeze

Freeze is an incredibly fun and easy game to set up. Start off by playing your children’s favorite music and have them dance around until you decide to stop the music. When the music stops, they have to freeze in whatever position they’re in.

Regardless of whether they have legs in the air and have to balance! You can create a mini-competition between your kids for whoever manages to be the final one standing without moving.

2) Treasure Hunt

What kid doesn’t love a classic treasure hunt game? When you mention the idea of setting up a treasure hunt at home, we guarantee your children’s faces will be brimming with excitement. You can tease them about what the prize is but don’t spoil it!

Write down a range of clues on pieces of paper while trying to be as creative as possible. You can give them the first clue, which will lead them onto the next and so on. Feel free to make as many clues as you like and lead the kids on a wild treasure hunt around the house.

3) Hide & Seek

Playing hide and seek with your kiddos is an indoor game that mom’s and kids have a lot of fun playing together. It’s a traditional game that everyone loves.

The person chosen as the seeker should close their eyes and count out loud while everyone else runs to find a hiding spot. This person then goes around trying to find everyone until there’s one person left. The last person to be seen is nominated as the next seeker.

If you have older kids, this game could be even more fun in the dark!

4) Indoor Bowling

If you fancy a bowling game with your kids but don’t want to make the trip out, you can create your very own indoor bowling alley.

All you need to do is grab a bunch of old empty bottles and set them up on a flat surface. Find a small ball (which is bound to be lying around somewhere!), and you’re good to go. 

You could even use tape as the line where you aren’t allowed to cross to make it feel more like a real game of bowling. Take turns rolling the ball towards the pins, just like at a bowling alley. You could use this as an opportunity to develop your child’s counting abilities too. Have them count the number of bottles they knocked over and keep track of the score on paper. Why not make it extra fun by gifting your child a portable bowling set to enjoy with friends wherever they go?

5) Baking

Moms love spending quality time with our kids and baking some tasty food together. Not only does it make for a fun activity, but it also gives you the chance to teach your kids some of the fundamentals about baking which can come in handy later in life. Try to throw in a bit of math to the mix while measuring your ingredients. 

You can sit together and take a look online and the endless number of available recipes. Your little ones and you could bake cakes, cookies, brownies, and much more. Once you’ve all decided on what to bake, get all the ingredients together and assign your kids a task. You can even get matching mommy and me aprons to make your child feel extra special.

It’s an excellent way for them to learn how to work in a team. Once the baking is done you can decorate the goods together.

6) Game Night

Having a family game night is a great way to bring the kids together to spend some quality time. Grabbing a classic board game, such as Monopoly, out of the cupboard and playing for a few hours once a week will strengthen the bond between you and your children significantly.

There are so many different games that you can choose from too. Whether they be board or card games, you can always be sure to find something fresh and exciting.

7) Indoor Forts

Creating an indoor fort is every child’s dream. It’s a super creative activity that will get them beyond excited to start setting up.

All you need to do is grab some chairs, blankets, sheets, and pillows. You can work together with your kids to build an awesome fort together. Once they’re settled inside, you can either play games or make up your own pretend play scenarios. Some children love setting up a fort and having you read stories to them as they sit inside. 

8) DIY Sensory Board

A DIY Sensory Board is a unique and enjoyable project that you and your children can complete together. They are excellent for improving your child’s motor skills, not to mention they’re also very engaging and fun.

You’ll need cardboard boxes, stiff cards, some glue, and old zips. Put the zips on the piece of stiff card and work with your kids to set them up in a position that both you and your kids are happy about. When everyone is happy with the design of the zips, you can glue them down by using the fabricated part of the zips.

When they’re all glued down, flip the card over and put pressure on it to make sure that the zips are firmly stuck. You could put an object on top, such as books, and leave it for a couple of days to ensure the zips are secure.

This is an especially great activity for you and your younger kids to complete together. They love touching the zips and fiddling around with them.

9) Reading

Shall we mention the benefits of reading to your child? We are certain that you already know  so go ahead and browse through  Mumzworld book library for a bit of inspiration, depending on your child’s’ age 

10) Legos 

We are such big fans of everything Lego

Did you ever hear of an old saying that goes: families who play together stay together? Turning off your phones or delaying a couple of emails to spend quality time with children by sharing a few good laughs over fun activities teaches them to communicate better with others and build lifetime memories. Sitting down with your child building something does just that! In addition to all the positive impact it has on your child cognitive development. 

Implementing the games mentioned above into your lives can help to strengthen the bond between you and your children. So, the next time you’re looking for ideas on activities to do with your little ones, refer back to these ideas!