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7 Toys that Encourage Children to Eat Healthy Food

7 Toys that Encourage Children to Eat Healthy Food

We all can agree – these days there are so many tempting yet unhealthy food choices for our kids. Fast food and junk food are so tempting and some are quite tasty. But how can we make healthy foods and meals equally tempting? We found out that using toys can encourage our kids to eat healthy food. Use your child’s favorite toys to talk about healthy meals, or buy toys that represent a healthy diet to achieve that. 

Many mums agreed that using toys that promote healthy meals is a great way to educate children. They use those toys to tell stories about healthy eating, and showing how good it is for their little bodies. Those stories can also tell why fast foods are unhealthy and a bad choice. 

Why do kids love junk food? 

Kids love junk food because they taste good. Those foods include fats and additional flavors that make them taste good and addictive. So the best way to get your kids to eat healthy is to provide equally tasty alternatives. For example, instead of going to McDonald’s for a burger and fries, make them at home the same way. Only use healthy replacements like instead of deep frying use an Air Fryer or a grill. 

Also, make their vegetables in ways that are tasty and unconventional. Like making air fried broccoli hash browns instead of potatoes and deep frying. 

Know what they love to encourage them to eat healthy food

Make a game of tasting all sorts of vegetables, both cooked and raw. See what your child prefers and use it in creating their daily healthy diet. Many children refuse to eat cooked carrots, but when they are raw they think of them as candy as they are sweet and orange. Apply the same idea to your children’s protein source. Not many children fancy steaks or fish. So you should know what your children prefer and make it in ways that your child cannot resist. 

If you are a busy mum and you cannot cook daily, check out these prep tips and recipes for busy moms.

Use books and posters

In addition to toys that encourage children to eat healthy, you can use children’s story books and posters. There are many options out there that can help you. If you don’t find a poster, you can make an arts and crafts day and make a special one with your child. This is a wonderful way to bond with your children while also teaching them about eating healthy. 

How to find other healthier meal options for kids? 

As we said, when you know what your child loves, it makes finding healthier meals easier. Furthermore, you can look for restaurants that feature a healthy menu for kids. If you are living in Dubai, we suggest Arrows and Sparrows Café. Spend a day out with your kids and let them choose from this cafe’s nutritious kids’ menu that your little ones will love. This is a great way to make children eat healthy food. 

Use a day out as a reward 

We believe in using rewards to reinforce good behavior in kids. Apply this when encouraging your kids to eat healthy. For example, if they have been eating healthy without any troubles. Plan a once in a month visit to their favorite fast food place. Teach your children that this is a reward, not a privilege.

7 Toys that Encourage Children to Eat Healthy Food

Viga – Cutting – Fruit

Teach your children with this group of fruits about the importance of eating healthy. This set comes with a wooden knife and a cutting board. It is really fun to explore different types of fruits from both the inside and the outside without causing any messes or incidents. This wooden set encourages children to eat fruits as it builds their creativity and imaginative play.

Lelin – Vegetable Play Set

Another wooden set that includes 16 pieces for endless hours of fun. This vegetable set encourage children to eat and love their vegetable. You can teach your little ones why vegetables are so importance while also improving their cutting and chopping skills. This colorful play set promotes your children’s hand-eye coordination as well.

Little Angel – Kids Toys Kitchen & Cooking Food Set – Blue

Teach your children all about healthy cooking and healthy meals with this Kitchen set. It includes a pan, a pot, knifes, forks, spoons, vegetables, and fruits. This kitchen is safe for endless hours or fun, and it is great to teach kids to appreciate the effort you put into making a meal for them. You can join them in a little role play and let them explain why cooking healthy meals is better for them.

Lelin – My Shopping Basket – Vegetable Set

When you are at the grocery store with your kids, they might go for picking unhealthy snacks like chips filled with harmful fats and carbs. The way to encourage children to pick healthier snacks is by playing grocery at home! This shopping basket comes with a bunch of vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a corn cob. Next time you are at the grocery store with your children, they will pick the things that look a like their vegetable toys!

Hape – All-in-1 Kitchen + Garden Vegetables

Another all in 1 kitchen set that is great for teaching children all about healthy cooking. It also includes a set of garden vegetables that your child can cop easily and put back together. Here is a fun suggestion, put this awesome kitchen set in your own kitchen and while cooking for the family have your kid do the same as you in their own kitchen. This will make them feel like adults especially with the great features this kitchen includes like a light, microwave with authentic “ding”, coffee machine and coffee cups!

Lakeshore – Healthy Meals Puzzle Set

Puzzles are also great for teaching children about eating healthy and a balanced diet. This puzzle set includes six 9-pieces chipboard puzzles. 2 for each meal: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The fun and colorful images will let your child understand how a balanced meal looks like. It will also encourage them not to skip any part of their meals like vegetables. You can keep this set organized with a handy lunch box that comes with the set.

Toon Toyz – Finger Puppets – Vegetable

The last toy that will encourage children to eat healthy and love vegetables is this finger puppet toy. Put on skits and introduce these vegetables to your child. Talk about their benefits along with how tasty they are. You can also used it to help your child pick their vegetables for the day.

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