Workout With Your Baby And Stroller

After a long and grueling 9 months, the most beautiful thing has happened. You brought your beautiful child on this world and you did an amazing job! It is true that mom’s schedule becomes super busy when the child is ‘in the game’…. even a two-hour sleep becomes a luxury. It is also true that […]

Book of the month: Matilda By Roald Dahl

This amazing book, written by the world's best storyteller the one and only Roald Dahl! Is about a smart and intelligent little girl who loves to read , she is a brilliant  girl whose  parents do not notice that she is a genius. She also has a hard time at school, except for a very special ...
Is Homeschooling Really a Better Option?

Home Achieves Your Child’s Potential Home schooling is on the rise globally, and the Middle East is no different. Despite the law sometimes forbidding it; UAE parents are homeschooling in increasing levels. The term ‘home school’ often drags up tired and unhelpful old stereotypes, and parents often have the reactions to match. However, the reality of homeschooling […]

The Importance Of Making Eye Contact With Your Children

Fact: You are connected through the most powerful line of connection that has no basis in technology.  Recently, students applying to universities were caught off-guard when their application got rejected. Despite having the highest grades and doing all the necessary community work, leadership training and achieving several other impressive accomplishments, they were dumbfounded when they […]

A Working Mumz Guide To Maintaining A Work-Life Balance

There is no logic to it. When you become a mum, you start feeling “The Guilt” and yes it has capitals. When a mum goes back to work, the guilt can be compounded and sometimes overwhelming. It is in our DNA to feel guilty, and sometimes guilt keeps us human; according to Psychology Today, “We […]

How To: Combat Tantrums and Threats Like A Boss

Tantrums are like tidal waves. You see them coming a mile away and hope to avoid them if you swim to the shore fast enough. Some parents become so immune to them that you see them staring blankly at their screaming or flailing child with a resigned and long-suffering expression on their faces in the […]

Social Media and Kids: The Reality of Virtual Reality

It can all get too much sometimes. Especially when your seven-year-old turns to you one day and asks for a phone! Not just any phone, a very specific model of a very specific brand. These kids know their stuff. If not a phone, then some other gadget or device where they will have access to […]

Today In Pop Culture: Keeping Up With The Kids!

Do you sometimes listen to your kids talking with each other or their friends, mentioning strange phrases and talking about things and people you have never heard of? Have you ever felt just a little uncool for not knowing what is ‘cool’ these days? (Apparently, the word “cool’ is not really cool anymore!). Here is […]

How To: Pick The Right School For Your Kids

Picking the right school is just one of the many priorities on your check-list. A question that all parents ask themselves. Picking a school can be one of the most difficult decisions a parent must make as it can drastically affect their children’s future. We live in a region where schools are about as plentiful as […]