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Kids Love Slime, So Here’s How to Clean It Up

Kids Love Slime, So Here’s How to Clean It Up

Slime is very popular with kiddies but not as popular with parents, because it tends to leave a mess behind and feels near to impossible to clean up. We have however chatted to cleaning experts to find out exactly how to get slime stains out of anything and everything you own, and it turns out that while it is a tad time consuming, removing slime stains is very doable when equipped with a little bit of patience. Rest assured you can continue squishing and squeezing (and bonding with your tweens) without a worry in the world. Let’s start with carpets as leftover slime has more than once been stepped on, leaving our gorgeous white Beni Ourain carpets in a sad state.

When it comes to carpet, lukewarm water and vinegar should also do the trick we have learned. Simply use a soft bristled brush and gently remove slime out from each carpet fibre, followed by blotting the area with a clean towel to absorb the liquid. You might have to repeat this process a few times, making sure to use a fresh bucket of diluted vinegar-water solution. Once the slime has been removed, you will need to allow the spot to dry, then vacuum as usual. Your carpet will look as good as if it was fresh from the carpet souq. Don’t worry — slime on your clothing is also merely a memory after you have read the below tips. It is far from as much of a drama as it may seem at first. You will need an ice cube and the above-mentioned patience.

Start off by manually removing what is left of the slime, making sure that you don’t drop it onto the freshly clean carpet. (We made ourselves chuckle here). You will need ice cubes to solidify what is left on the fabric, and once solid you can scrape it away. This may not make it all go away in one sitting, but you will have reduced the stain significantly.

Now we proceed with liquid detergent, massaging it gently into the brightly hued stains. It will need to stay on for a good 10 minutes – set a timer if you need the reminder and then proceed with soaking it in hot water, as hot as the fabric care instructions allow you to. Wash and dry as usual and cross your fingers that the slime fad will pass sooner rather than later.