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Baby Development & Growth: a Step by Step Guide

Baby Development & Growth: a Step by Step Guide

It is amazing how quickly newborn babies grow. If you keep track of your baby’s growth from birth till one year old, you surely will be amazed. Just during this first year, they change and develop so much. You will also notice that your baby got more curious and started exploring more and more. Do you know what are the most important developments a newborn baby goes through during this first year? Here is a full guide on baby development and growth step by step during this first year. 

Baby development highlights during the first 3 months

At 1 month old 

In this first month, the newborn baby’s hearing skills are fully developed. As for newborn babies’ sight during this age, it is between 8 to 12 inches. Moreover, you will notice that babies this age can move their head right and left, even if they are laying on their tummies. But they will still need support when they are laying on their backs. 

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2 months old 

During those two months, you will see your baby develop new little skills. They will be able to make some noises. They will be able to reach their heads with their tiny hands. And the best part, you will notice adorable little smiles. In addition, during this age, baby movements will be smoother and more controlled. Babies will be able to lift up their heads for a small while. But always make sure to support your baby’s neck to help him or her have more control. 

Also, this is the age where babies start noticing colors. They will be very curious about what is around them. Their little exploring adventures will begin at this age. So you might need fun toys or baby gyms to help them develop their two months milestones. 

3 months old

Your baby pays attention to everything now. That is a result of their wonderful brain development wonderfully. Scientifically speaking, babies’ brains send and receive about 1.8 million messages during this age. Notice that your baby will become happier during this age. As he or she will start moving and crawling as well. 

Moreover, they can recognize faces and sounds at this age. So, when babies see their mums, they will immediately smile and coo for their mummies. You will be able to teach your baby little motor skills and physical skills like clapping too! 

Experts recommend providing fun and slightly interactive toys to babies at this age. You can use fun and colorful stuffed toys. Also, baby yoga is a fun and bonding activity for the both of you. 

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Milestone development during 7 to 9 months old 

7 months old developments

Your little angel is crawling by now! You will have a little ninja to look after now. At this age, colorful books with sounds and different textures are important. Babies this age get used to story books so quickly, they might even have a favorite as well. Mums might read the same story book over and over for 10 times a day. And babies will still enjoy it greatly. In addition, they need some stacking blocks and shape matching toys. Believe us, your baby will be so proud when he gets the right shape into the right slot. And so will you! 

At 8 months old 

The milestone developments at this age are too precious. First, your baby will beat you by finding his or her toys. Especially the ones lost under tables or couches. Second, they will mumble and talk a lot – even though most of it is just adorable baby talk. And if you are lucky, you might get a “mama” or “dada” from your little cutie. 

And because they are developing some lingual skills, it is time to teach them simple words and adjectives. Even if they cannot speak them correctly, they will understand them and use them as they grow.

As for the third development at this age, your baby will start trying to stand up while holding on to furniture. Therefore, make sure you are always behind him or her for extra support and protection. Also, this is when baby proofing proves effective!

Teach Your Baby to Talk with These Steps

Around 9 months old

Your little baby boss now wants everything! Taking something from babies at this age will cause a tiny little tantrum. And probably the whole neighborhood will know that they didn’t get what they wanted. The best thing to do here is to distract them with gestures and other objects that they can play with. 

Moreover, experts believe this is when language development begins for babies. So, keep up pointing to objects and naming them. Your baby will amaze you how quickly he picks up words and names. Nursery rhymes and baby songs work like magic in this regard. So keep singing them to your baby. Finally, help babies build up their social skills by planning play dates with other babies. 

Noticeable changes from 10 to 12 months old

10 months old

By now, your baby should be able to catch little words, adjectives, and names. Parents should keep talking to babies a lot. And not baby talk, but like you are talking to a grown up. This helps boost their language skills and build them. Also, walking at this age is an adventure babies will want to go through. 

11 months old

You are one month away from one year old. Which means it is time to visit the pediatrician. This check up is a regular one to make sure all is good. The best advice we can give you here is not to compare. Because every baby grows differently from others. 

This is also a time when your baby seeks out some independence and freedom. Which is a good time to start building your little one’s personality. What we need to do at this age is to give babies a choice. Like which pajamas to wear, what plate to use, and what toy to play with. This helps them develop skills like decision making and independence. 

One year old

Happy one year old! This is a great opportunity for planning a big first birthday. And it is time to make sure your home is well baby proofed. Because one year old babies will try to mimic parents with everything. For example, they will try to unlock doors, lift up toilet seats, and open cupboard doors. Also, it is time to build up some good behaviors for babies. Like saying thank you, please, and sorry. And these are the highlights for baby development during the first year. 


Finally, this guide is an overview of baby development and growth. It is not a fixed guide for expectations. Babies grow and develop in their own and different ways. They all follow their own rhythm and readiness. Some babies achieve speech skills and speech milestones before they walk, others walk before they speak. And that is completely normal. Just be patient, do not stress, and enjoy this precious journey.