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First Newborn Check Up: What You Need to Ask

First Newborn Check Up: What You Need to Ask

Coming back home with a newborn baby is such a beautiful and joyful moment. But at the same time, it makes you feel worried or concerned. That leaves you with a million questions. Sure you would be concerned, you probably heard plenty of information that makes you even more confused. Therefore, experts always say that it is best to write down all your concerns and questions. And save them for that first newborn check up. This way you will get all the answers and information you need. While also putting your mind at ease. 

In case you don’t know what to ask yet, we got the top five questions every mum should ask during the first doctor check up. 

1| How to know that my baby is full? 

How can I tell whether my baby is full or not? What is the ideal time for a breastfeeding session? And how much milk does my baby need exactly per feeding? All of these questions are big dilemmas for new mums who are breastfeeding. Especially during the first weeks after giving birth. There are plenty of answers out there. But in truth, only your doctor can provide the right answer for you and your baby. Your doctor’s answer will be more personalized as it is based on many personal factors. Such as your baby’s weight, your lifestyle, diet, and how well your baby is growing. In fact, what no one tells you is that there is no crystal clear answer that is suitable for everyone. 

2| How to start a healthy sleep routine for my baby? 

Just as the feeding debate, there is a wide debate on newborn sleeping habits. Like what is the best sleeping position for them. Should you swaddle your baby? And if so, how to do it right? In addition, mums wonder a lot about whether to use the co-sleeping approach, or use separate beds or rooms. The debate also discusses naps and swinging your baby to sleep. And while some pieces of advice are very good. We prefer always asking a doctor for a final and definitive answer. Moreover, this answer will guarantee establishing the best sleeping routine for babies Where they get all the rest and sleep they need for a healthy growth. 

3| Is there a special way to care for my newborn’s navel? 

Usually, the first newborn check up with a doctor is a few days after giving birth. During this time, the umbilical cord is still attached to your baby’s navel. Therefore, we suggest asking how to take care of that. Like how to clean or sanitize it. Should you bathe your baby before it falls off? Also, ask about what to do in case of an infection or anything else that comes to your mind about this. 

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4| What are the most important vaccinations for newborn babies? 

Most of us believe that vaccines are good for our newborn babies’ immune system. They boost it and prepare them to fight several kinds of diseases. However, there is an ongoing, and rather heated, debate on whether we should vaccinate newborn babies or not. And while many opinions are justified and actually make sense. It is best to make the final decision with your spouse and the help of your doctor. Afterall, doctors know all about vaccines for newborns and how they would affect them. Also, always keep a schedule at hand for vaccine dates both past and future to keep track of them. 

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5| How to know if my baby’s weight is healthy? 

Some mums have a friend or a relative who had a baby the same time they did. And often, they compare many things between the two newborns. That comparison might raise many concerns on your baby’s growth. Is it normal? Or is it too slow or too quick? The funny thing is, most mums don’t actually know whether their baby’s growth, weight, and height are appropriate for their age. In fact, one of the basic things a doctor does during the first newborn check up is take their height and weight. They also measure your baby’s head circumference. All of these help doctors know the newborn’s growth progress and everything regarding it. So, if the doctor tells you everything looks great, trust that and don’t give in to anyone else. 


Finally, these are just a few of the important things you should ask about during that first checkup. Remember to write down everything you are wondering about. And don’t feel shy or embarrassed to ask. Your doctor will be more than happy to help you get all the answers you need!