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Baby’s First Birthday: Everything You Need to Start Planning

Baby’s First Birthday: Everything You Need to Start Planning

A first birthday is very special for you as a mum and for your baby. Every birthday celebration, no matter how big or small, has a few essentials you simply cannot do without. You need to make this first birthday count. And to do so, we got you a guide from A to Z on planning your little baby’s first birthday. 

Pick the date and time

When throwing a party, make sure you pick a time and date that works for you and your guests. Plan around your baby’s schedule. Pick a time that does not lap with your baby’s nap time. Also, it is best to have it on a weekend, even if your baby’s birthday falls on a weekday. This will help pick a good time for your baby and your guests.

Remember, this is a baby event. So, you will probably want to start early so they can be home early. 

Choose a venue  

Many mums prefer throwing their baby’s first birthday party at home. It certainly makes things easier if your baby needs a change or a quick nap. However, if your home is not big enough for your guest list – you might want to consider renting out a venue. If you live in Dubai, there are plenty of family friendly venues that are great for first birthday parties. Such as aquariums, playlands, or cafes. 

Invite people 

Once you set time, date, and location – you need to plan your guest list. This is very important especially if you are renting out a venue. You don’t want to invite many people that won’t fit in your venue. We recommend inviting your nearest and dearest family and friends. This is not a formal event, so keep the guest list simple and informal. 

When you have your guest list ready, start making your invitations. It is best to send out evites because it is easier, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly.  Furthermore, make sure to use a cute invitation design and use catchy phrases for it to stand out. Here are a few suggestions for your invitation’s text: 

  • “Our baby is turning one, so come on and have some fun” 
  • “A year of memories, a year of fun. Our baby is turning one. Join us to celebrate”
  • “We cannot believe this day has come. Our little cupcake is turning one!” 

Feel creative to add what comes to your mind. And make sure to enclose the date, time and location clearly. Finally, make sure to send out the evites at least two weeks before. 

Pick a theme 

This is the fun part! There are plenty of themes for first birthdays. But whatever you choose, make sure to apply to everything. Including invitations, decorations, cake, snacks, giveaways, and your outfits. Here are some fun ideas for your little one’s first birthday party:

When it comes to choosing a theme, the sky’s the limit. You can pick something that your little baby obviously loves. And that should be easy as many babies have favorite characters or things as they turn one.  

What to serve at a baby’s first birthday? 

Many mums are puzzled on what to serve at their little baby’s first birthday. We’ll help you out. First, you need two menus. One for adults, and another for kids. The adult menu can include things like mini sandwiches, cheese boards, veggie sticks and dip. You can also have a small help-yourself coffee corner where your guests can help themselves to some coffee. Set aside a plate of mini cakes and desserts for them to enjoy with the coffee. As for the kids menu, you can serve fun and healthy snacks. Such as single serving boxes of raisins or veggie chips, and small juice boxes. You can also serve mini sandwiches in fun shapes related to your theme. You can also order mini cupcakes, donut rings, or cake pops that go with your theme. 

Choose matching outfits 

When it is your baby’s first birthday party – you, your husband, and your baby need to stand out. Make sure to wear matching outfits. Or clothes that are theme related. You can simply stick to one color if you want to keep things simple. Not only will you stand out, but you will have amazing pictures to show off in your home later on. 

Prepare party favors

By the end of the party, you need fun party favors to send home with your guests. You can do fun swag bags that have little toys and games. You can also have cute little soaps or photo frames as your party favors. Just remember to have something that is related to the party’s theme. 

Plan fun games and activities

Many parents like renting out a playground or a playland as a birthday party venue. The activities and games come with the venue and there is no need for extra work. However, you need fun activities and games to keep your baby and other kids entertained. Here are some ideas for fun games during the party:

  • – A piñata.
  • – Story time.
  • – Play tag or hide and seek.
  • – Building blocks.
  • – An arts and crafts corner.

Make sure you have an area that is well protected for young babies and toddlers. 

Order a special cake, and a backup 

Yes, you read that right. You will need a backup cake. Especially if you are setting your baby free to smash the first cake. And honestly, that is a fun thing to do! You will get amazing pictures of your baby smashing a cake. 

Decorate wisely 

Many parents go crazy with birthday decorations. They set them up almost everywhere, even places that no one will see or take a picture at. Therefore, we recommend you set all your decorations neatly in a certain zone. You dedicate an area for picture taking and simply decorate it alone. Most parents nowadays decorate behind the table setup, so they can take pictures with the cake and the decorations all at once. Having said that, you still need plates, cups, utensils, tablecloths, and napkins that suit your theme. 

Keep it a baby-friendly party 

Make sure your venue, whether outdoors or indoors, is baby proofed. Only use plastic and paper plates and utensils to avoid breaking hazards. Also, make sure you don’t serve foods that might cause choking hazards. Furthermore, avoid loud music, and stick to low volume nursery rhymes. 

Hire help 

Being the hostess means you need to worry about a million things while also trying to be present. Therefore, we recommend you hire help. Having many kids running around makes it harder to keep an eye on them. So, hire a nanny or two to look after the kids. You can schedule it with them to stay after the party and help you clean up as well. 

Don’t forget to document it all

Last but not least, make sure you document every minute of this special day. Hire a photographer to savor every detail. You will look back at those pictures and be grateful for yourself that you did so. 

Finally, make sure you do something that your family will enjoy. It is not about how simple or extravagant the party is. It is about a family being together celebrating this joyous occasion! 

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