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Baby Swimming: When to Get in the Water?

Baby Swimming: When to Get in the Water?

Playing in water is so much fun for both kids and adults. Even newborn babies love to float and splash in water. What most mums ask about is when they can take their baby swimming? Is it too early to start swimming with newly born babies? Learn the answer here with more tips for safe and fun time swimming with your baby. 

When can I take my newborn baby swimming? 

This is one of the biggest questions asked when it comes to teaching babies to swim. When to start? Is it too early to start from one month old? And the answer is no, it is never too early. According to doctors and experts, you can teach your baby to swim immediately after birth. In fact, this activity is perfect for your family during summer time. Also, some might say it is not good for babies to swim during the first month. And that is not entirely true. If doctors give babies a clean bill of health then you are good to go. 

Moreover, according to the NHS, you can take your baby swimming even if he or she did not complete their vaccinations. And even if they just got vaccinated, that does not necessarily prevent you from taking them for some water fun. It is up to you to decide if your baby is up for swimming on a certain day or not. Which depends on whether they are experiencing side effects from their vaccinations. 

In addition, you can sign up for swimming classes for both you and your baby. Just make sure you are in good shape to swim. And most importantly, make sure you are not experiencing any vaginal bleeding. Of course, there are many things to plan and check before taking your baby swimming. Such as their health, pool safety and condition, and the weather. 

How to introduce a newborn baby to swimming? 

As we mentioned before, you can take your baby for swimming from the first day after birth. But there are certain things you must do during that. 

1| Test the waters.

Sure, you have to make sure the water temperature is good – not too cold or too hot. But also, you need to get your baby accustomed to being in a pool. Babies need some time to understand the idea of swimming and floating. They might even start crying the first time. But that is completely normal. Just make sure that there is not anything else bothering your baby. Like an uncomfortable swimming suit or being constipated. Moreover, if you are too afraid to start with a pool, use your bathtub or a small inflatable pool as a start. And move gradually to the pool. 

2| Be patient and do not give up.

Again, babies might cry a lot during their first time swimming. That is normal because it is a new thing they are experiencing. The key here is to be patient and not to give up immediately. Some mums might give up once they see discomfort on their babies’ faces. We advise you to be patient and take your time introducing your baby to the idea of water and swimming. 

3| Relax and have fun. 

Babies can feel their mummies’ fears. It is normal for you to be afraid of getting in the water with a baby, especially if you are not big on swimming yourself. But even though it is a new experience for both you and your baby, we suggest you relax and try to have fun. Therefore, we recommend picking a spot at the kiddie pool and sticking to the edge. This will help you stay comfortable and in control. Also, do not go alone, especially the first time. Having someone with you, like a family member, a friend, or your husband is important. They will help you with anything you need. They will also make sure to take adorable pictures and videos. 

Tips when you take your baby swimming

Here are some tips for when you take your little one swimming, especially in public pools: 

  • – Make sure the pool is safe and clean. 
  • – Dress your baby up in a swimming diaper. 
  • – Check all facilities around you. Like a changing table, seating, etc. 
  • – Pack everything you need and keep it all close to you. 
  • – Stay by the pool edge. 
  • – Stay focused and avoid all distractions. Like other people or cell phones. 
  • – Rinse your baby with clean water immediately after getting out of the pool. 

Swimming benefits for your newborn baby 

  • 1. It is a very fun and essential skill to learn. Especially if you live in Dubai, where water fun is almost all year round. 
  • 2. Build up newborn babies’ motor skills and contribute to their physical milestone development. 
  • 3. It’s a great bonding activity for both you, your baby and your family. 
  • 4. Swimming improves cognitive development greatly. 
  • 5. Also, it helps babies be more confident, trusting, and encourages them to overcome their fears. 
  • 6. Boosts newborn babies balance and coordination. 
  • 7. Surprisingly, it helps you with their sleeping habits and routine. 
  • 8. This activity builds up their appetite, so they will feed better. 
  • 9. It strengthens your baby’s body from both the inside and outside. 

Newborn babies swimming essentials

Here are some of the most important essentials for newborn babies. You can find them all here at



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