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Baby Wipes – Keeping you out of Sticky Situations!

Baby Wipes – Keeping you out of Sticky Situations!

Nowadays baby wipes are a common and convenient choice for – dare we say – most mums? There is no denying that they provide a huge relief in sticky situations, and we are using the word ”sticky” literally here.  But with so many available how you do you know which one is right for you and your baby?

When should you start using them on your newborn, you might ask? Since some baby wipes contain ingredients that may trigger allergic reactions for babies with sensitive skin, many doctors recommend staying in the safe lane and waiting until your baby’s at least one month old. For the first few weeks, it’s suggested that you clean your baby during diaper changes with a soft towel and warm water – the way our mums used to. If necessary, resort to using a pea-sized amount of a gentle baby wash soap and don’t forget to always pat the area dry with a towel before putting on a fresh diaper, to prevent the dreaded diaper rash. However there are a number of proven safe to use wipes for new-borns available which are free of anything that may cause a reaction.

Once your baby’s older, wipes will prove to be very convenient, especially for changing diapers on the go. This is where we advise that you opt for a brand that’s alcohol-free and unscented, which will ensure that you eliminate irritation. If your baby’s bum still looks red after you’ve used a wipe, it may be causing a reaction. Alongside switching to a different wipe, we also recommend that you call your pediatrician about any rashes that don’t improve within a day or two.

When selecting baby wipes, it very much boils down to personal preference – you as a mum can choose between an abundance of scents, textures and wetness levels and now options of eco-friendly biodegradable versions, so safe for baby, and the environment.  Keep in mind the younger we are, the more heightened our senses will be, and so our youngest ones have a better sense of smell. While they might not know what smell is, or define preference in such, they do know if they like it or not and express it in an instant. You’ll need to find common ground here with your little one.

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