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Best Mental Health Apps to Download on Your Phone

Best Mental Health Apps to Download on Your Phone

Everything is online these days, ordering food, clothes, taking up classes and courses, and caring for your physical and mental health. Many people are signing up for online apps for mental health these days, and you might wonder why. 


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Why should I use mental health apps? 

Well, many people like the idea of saving time and remaining in their own comfort zones during therapy and catching up with their doctor. They believe that it is more beneficial and they can get better results especially that they can do it via voice calls, video calls, or live chat sessions. 

 Benefits from using mental health apps  

-One app can give you hundreds of options for a therapist with background information, reviews, and recommendations  

-More advanced in detecting and analyzing symptoms 

-Can have access to other information like lifestyle, physical activity, and sleeping habits

-Makes keeping up with your mental health easier 

-Convenient at any time you want whether it was 6AM or 11PM

Is it just for me? 

Of course not. Many apps have the option of signing up your children to certain sessions to talk about their feelings and share their thoughts, especially during the pandemic. Children are already drawn to smartphones and technology, so mental health apps step up to create a positive use of these technologies for our children. 

What apps to use? 

1| Better Help

We recommend this app because it is so easy to use. Not only does it offer several options on how to take up the session, but it also makes it easier to express emotions and feelings by offering up surveys and forms to make it easier for you. 

2| Headspace 

This app proves that mental health apps are not just about detecting mental health issues, but to learn to avoid them. This app specializes in teaching meditation and offers a variety of themed sessions on everything from stress and sleep to focus and anxiety. It also teaches SOS exercises for emergencies. 

3| Headspace for Kids

Meditation is quite important for children. Here, the process is built around five main themes: Calm, Focus, Kindness, Sleep and Wake Up. These themes are suitable for several age groups (5 and under, 6-8 and 9-12). 

4| MoodMission

Before starting with this app, you have a mission to take up and complete six surveys. It is a very motivational app as it uses “missions” to improve your mood and skills. 

5| Happify 

We all have our days where we feel blue. In comes Happify! It is based on mental games which helps reduce stress, build resilience, and overcome negative thoughts. 

6| Mindful Powers

Another app that proves it has more to it than detecting mental health issues. Some apps, including Mindful Powers, aim towards building up and improving mindful thinking for children who are grade-schoolers as well.  The childlike quality of this app makes it particularly appealing for younger users. 

7| The Zones of Regulation 

This app introduces the idea of different zones and the right zone and how to move between them. It works on regulating children’s behavior, and helping them manage their emotions through a curriculum framework for developing thinking, awareness, and skills. This app is somehow complex, so mums need to stay with their children and monitor the whole process which is beneficial for your child’s mental health. 

Many people find it hard to deal with their mental health. They might even become ashamed of the fact that they might need this kind of help. Well, don’t ever feel this way because you are not alone in this. Talking about these issues help solving them, and many people share their own personal experiences in hopes of inspiring others.