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How to calm anxious kids during COVID 19 era with meditation

How to calm anxious kids during COVID 19 era with meditation

We all try hard to keep our children healthy. Whether physically or mentally, as Mumz, we try hard to keep our children happy and healthy. This task might get a little harder when we are overloaded and hard times surround us, like the Covid-19 lockdown for example, depriving our kids from meeting their friends, having outdoor activities, and even going to school! Our kids are projected daily to several levels of restlessness, stress and anxiety. Here we have a very helpful solution for that: meditation

Meditation is the physical exercise for our minds and brains. But why as a mom would I introduce my kids to meditation? Well, several studies prove that kids who practice meditation develop positive attitudes and traits such as:

-self-control and self-esteem.


-Respect for others.


-Focus and awareness.

But more importantly, meditation can highly increase children’s performance in school, and with distance learning, they need that. Keep in mind that it is something that you and your beloved little ones can do together to bond.

Imagine being given a cure for challenging conditions such as stress, depression, ADHD and hyperactivity, and several other issues and that are inevitable at this age and time. That’s what meditation is!

How to get my children to start meditating?

That is pretty easy because children’s brains are like sponges that absorb good traits quickly. Children are unburdened by as many biases, barriers or preconceptions, which gives them an edge when it comes to

1| Set up a meditation zone

This is our favorite part! Pick a spot in your home, one that natural light can easily pass through, and get meditation mats for you and your kids. Decorate the zone with plants and bright smooth colors, and use nice perfumes to put your kids in the right mood. We recommend Aery’s Meditation Diffuser.

2| Create a happy place

When meditation, the mind tends to wonder. Sit with your kids and talk to them about mediation and teach them how to create a happy place where their mind can go and relax. This place can be anything that gives your kids a feeling of safety and peace. This place can be a green field that overlooks a lake or imagining laying on the ground staring at the stars. Use sounds to simulate your child’s mind and direct it to this happy place.

3| Help them relax

This might be a little challenging, but keep in mind that it is good for your children as much as it is good for you. Teach your kids how to relax through breathing smoothly, relaxing their bodies, and maintaining their calmness. Remember, kids tend to imitate. If you do it in front of them, they’ll end up doing it too. Also, connecting them to nature, like walks in parks or gazing at the clouds or even watching the stars can really stimulate the energy for meditation.

4| Meditate through exercise

This can be easily done through simple and smooth exercises that stimulate the blood flow and builds up energy. Yoga for kids is quite helpful for this part. Some studies show that riding bicycles also help, others show that squeezing stress balls work too.

5| Pre-bedtime meditation

This is the easiest part, which can be done every day. Once your kids are bathed and wearing their comfy pajamas, they are bound to relax. Tuck your kids in, have them close their eyes, and ask them to clear their mind and breathe deeply and slowly. This way, your child did a little night meditation and will fall asleep easily!

Our kids need the energy and focus to get through this challenging age they live in. Follow those steps and your kids will be in a wonderful place mentally! Just keep in mind that children should never be forced to meditate, because that will create a counter-effect for the purpose of meditation. And remember, mediation is important for your kids as well as for you as a mother.